Vegan weddings becoming big 2014 trend

The number of people who are opting for vegan weddings is on the increase, according to

The trend to break free from the use of any animal products is soaring in the industry, thanks to a number of celebrity endorsements. Stars such as Anne Hathaway, Paul McCartney and Natalie Portman have all had vegan weddings and the public is quickly following suit as the trend becomes more familiar.

Megastar Beyonce has also been in the press recently due to her new vegan diet. The star has been posting dishes of her new eating plan on to social networks, which has captured people’s attention and has said veganism helped her to shed her baby weight, with the star reportedly now a UK dress size 6.

Sarah Prager, author of the book ‘Borrowed, Blue & Vegan Too’, did say in her Huffington Post article that couples who are planning to have a vegan wedding should make sure they pick the right caterer.

She wrote: “Ask for example vegan menus and make sure they show an understanding of vegan cuisine. My wedding caterer (mandatorily assigned by the venue) did not understand vegan food and it showed. You don’t want to be their first experiment in meatless cuisine.”

Brides-to-be who are planning a vegan wedding should also make sure that they think about more than food if they are having a vegan wedding, according to Ms Prager. This includes wearing a non-silk wedding dress and making sure animals aren’t used in the ceremony (such as a horse-drawn carriage).

Women going up the aisle may also be inspired by French actress Olga Kurylenko who wore vegan shoes on the Oscars red carpet this week, according to