Venture out when looking for venues, marketer advises

When choosing the perfect event venue or conference space, it’s best to play away from home.

This is the view of Peter Clarke, a marketing head at UK creative events agency Pumphouse Productions, who believes a change of scenery contributes to fresh thoughts and creative thinking amongst attendees.

Picking a local venue might be seen as the easy option for companies leaving it until the last minute to plan their conferences. However, staff might struggle to shake off their daily routines whilst situated at their day-to-day workplace.   

Writing at, Mr Clarke argued that a delegate experience is a one-off chance to impress and shouldn’t serve as a regular meet and greet for those invited to attend. To maximise productivity, he said, organisers must opt for a unique venue, far away from company headquarters. 

“If you want fresh thinking, go to a fresh venue. The output variance between the home board-room and a well-chosen meeting room will be staggering. Away is ‘distraction-free’, home comes with all the baggage of the day-today operation. Get rid of the baggage!,” he stated.

Mr Clarke went on to cite video presentations as an excellent way to deliver brand messages; stating that the combination of picture, colour and music is ideal for delivering messages in a “strategic, impactful manner.”

Furthermore, plenty of fresh clips are likely to be needed at the marketing head’s latest event. According to, Mr Clarke’s group will produce six creative videos and four stage sets for Pumphouse’s most recent booking; from Thompson Holidays.