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Venue can have huge influence on decorations, experts claim

Couples-to-be have been told to consider the backdrop at their wedding venue before getting too carried away with the planning of their decorations.

Though brides in particular might be aware of some useful techniques for creating centrepieces and floral banners before actually booking up with their wedding reception venue, the advises them to decide on the location before sorting out the smaller details.

In fact, the site’s wedding experts say thinking about the venue and its setting is a great way to get the ideas flowing.

The article highlights that beautiful decor may mean less is more, which could save the couple having to look for extra lighting and arrangements. The advice in this case was simple – take note of what’s already provided and consider what actually needs to fill the room.

Cited by, wedding planner Charlotte Howard also agrees that its best to plan a visit to the venue before setting any decoration ideas in stone.  

“When visiting your venue, jot down anything that catches your eye when you are there,” she says.

“If you go when a wedding is being set up, look at the way they use the space. Think about what you like – and don’t like – and save on expensive mistakes.”