Venues granted late licenses for Royal Wedding

Public houses across England and Wales will be granted late licenses for the Royal Wedding in April, allowing them to stay open until 0100hrs.

It is thought venues will be given the license for both April 29th and 30th, without having to liaise with local licensing authorities, according to The Daily Mail.

Throughout England and Wales, licensing laws are the government’s responsibility, however in Northern Ireland and Scotland, liabilities are devolved to the local administrations, meaning it is unclear as yet if the same leeway will be given to venues in those countries.

The news has been received warmly by venue owners, as it will allow them to reap the full benefits the public holiday and national celebration will bring. Industry expert, Brigid Simmonds, claims: “This is great news, and it is really good to see the government recognising that this is a brilliant opportunity for us all to get together, to celebrate a great national event.”

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton back in October, whilst on holiday in Kenya. BBC News reports that after being married by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the couple will travel through the streets of London in a glass carriage, before heading to their reception for dinner and dancing.

The news comes shortly after many communities throughout the UK announced plans to throw Royal Wedding parties, themed around the big day. For those searching for the perfect party venues, London has a wide range of colourful, diverse options, with something to suit every style, taste and budget.