Virtual meetings no threat to in-person events

Hybrid and virtual meetings are on the increase, but this hasn’t worried organisers of more traditional events, reports.

According to new figures from the Meeting Professionals International (MPI), technological advancements could revolutionise the meetings industry, as people no longer have to travel hundreds of miles to reach an event. This has led some to believe that technology could sound the death knell for traditional event hosts, but this certainly isn’t a view shared by all.

In fact, some have argued that video conferencing and hosting could actually benefit the industry, as it enables events to radically diversify their offering, reports.

Among them is Cynthia Bullock of the MPI, who claimed that technology could be used to the advantage of event organisers. She said that many speakers have to turn down invitations because it involves travelling a huge distance to then only give a talk for 15 or 20 minutes. Enabling them to give this lecture remotely, however, could ensure business events manage to book their ideal itinerary of guests – without compromise.

It seems this belief is also present among event organisers themselves, with a quarter saying that new technology would enhance face-to-face meetings. Meanwhile, only nine per cent said they thought such advancements would replace elements of face-to-face meetings.

Not only that, some 53 per cent of organisers surveyed by the MPI said they expected an increase in event attendees over coming month. At the other end of the scale, just 14 per cent feared the opposite.