Weather warnings could mean earlier Xmas parties

Early rumbles regarding heavy snowfall could put a number of Christmas parties in doubt, reports

As shoppers are being urged to gather their Christmas presents earlier this year, managers should be considering the location of their corporate Christmas party in terms of accessibility to staff.

Snowfall could cause traffic build-up on the roads or act as a catalyst for the cancellation of trains and other public services, putting staff in a difficult position when it comes to the work Christmas party.

However, by planning Christmas party close to work or homes of staff, business owners can avoid the hassle of snowfall and continue celebrating the holidays in style.(Consider the Brewery for a London Christmas party venue)

Netweather claims there could be snowfall as early as November: “With the current forecast showing the potential for temperature to be below normal, this could indicate the increased risk of more widespread snow.

“At this range there is no way to accurately predict whether this may be the case and should it occur, when it may happen.”

Last year, large sections of the M25 were closed due to snow while Heathrow and Gatwick airports were closed. Kent was “virtually cut off” when a 32km stretch of the M8 was closed for 48 hours as temperatures plummeted as low as -19C.