Web scorns at couples hiring a "social concierge" for their weddings

The world wide web is currently aghast with news that couples have began to hire social media professionals to broadcast live from their weddings.

Upon hearing the news that couples in America are enlisting social media pros to tweet and Facebook at their big days, a number of unfavourable reviews have made their way into the public light.

Huffingtonpost.co.uk says one particular hotel in New York has turned to offering a social package including live tweets from the ceremony and reception, Instagram photos and Vine videos from the big day as well as the set up of a wedding blog in the lead up to the event.

All posts will contain a unique wedding hashtag, with the full service coming in at around £1,800.

However, the publication argues that couples may get annoyed if their guests are being encouraged to use their mobile phones on their big day.

Indeed, the site asks whether couples can’t just settle for a pleasant set of photos taken by a professional photographer when they come to plan their big day. 

Mydaily.co.uk writer Ellen Stewart also sees no longevity in the idea – sarcastically asking “Who needs to live in the moment, eh?”

The NYC hotel chain that started the craze has responded to criticism by saying it was only acting upon demand from its customers.