Wedding advice: How to cut your wedding costs

November, January and February are the least popular months for a wedding, according to Ecclesiastical Insurance, so couples looking to stretch their wedding budgets should consider booking a wedding reception venue at these times.

That’s according to My Finances, which claims that with so few weddings taking place at that time, there is more scope to negotiate on prices with caterers, photographers and flower arrangers.

If holding a wedding in the colder months doesn’t appeal to some couples, having it on a different day like a Thursday or Sunday could also reduce the price.

That’s what Danielle Woodward did when she married her husband on a Sunday. Mrs Woodward said: “Having the wedding on a Sunday reduced the cost substantially.” She also said that if they had booked the same venue for a Saturday, it would have cost them double the amount they paid.

Other money saving tips offered by My Finances include buying a vintage dress, which will be much less expensive than a brand new one. Oxfam has 11 bridal stores across the country, with dresses going for as little as £100.

Asking friends to contribute is a another way of keeping down the cost, whilst getting them involved in the day. Asking a friend to take the wedding photos. Asking the church’s flower lady to arrange the flowers, if you buy them wholesale, is another way to stretch the budget, and asking people to contribute instead of spending money on gifts will also help. Getting friends involved allows them to feel like part of the day, whilst giving a unique, thoughtful and vital gift that you will never forget.