Wedding cakes becoming a statement piece

A wedding blogger has claimed that many couples are now going all out when it comes to their wedding cake.   

Sarah Christopher, from blog Juno & Joy, was talking to this week. She said: “Our readers are making bolder and very stylish choices. Wedding cakes have become real statement pieces.” 

The blogger continued: “The three emerging trends we’re seeing are simply-styled cakes either with a statement trim, textured façade or flower adorned, whether it’s inspired by the flower scheme or even the appliqué of the bride’s dress.” 

Other trends that couples are now leaning towards when it comes to their wedding cake are ombre, metallic shades, monochrome and beaded embellishments. 

Meanwhile, another article posted on claims that some couples are moving away from wedding cakes entirely and going for alternative desserts.  

This trend has been fuelled by a number of celebrities who have been ditching cakes from their receptions. Treats that some brides are grooms are opting for instead of cake include donuts, French macaroons, crepes, ice cream and even cheese. 

Many couples are also now becoming inspired to opt for alternative or more elaborate wedding food thanks social media sites such as Pinterest, which give them fresh ideas to try out on for their big day.