Wedding cakes switch from white to peach as couples change their colour palettes

Couples in Britain are developing a reputation for ditching traditional wedding standards and going with their own ideas, but it seems even the celebratory cake is now being subject to change.

Tracey Mann, found of Tracey’s Cakes in Buckinghamshire, says this year’s wedding cakes will be all about “incredible flavours” and “colourful designs” as couples ditch some of the more common themes for some preferences of their own.

Talking at, Mrs Mann says couples are selecting designs which stray from the traditional patterns, with this change starting with the background colour.

“Rather than traditional tiers of white and ivory, brides are increasingly opting for cakes in block colours – from soft shades of pink and peach, to bold hues of blue and grey,” she commented.

When advising brides on the steps to take when designing their cakes, Ms Mann said it pays to sort out the block colours before anything else.

Award-winning master patissier and contributor Eric Lanlard says these can be inspired by any other part of the wedding, such as the dress, the bridesmaid outfits or even the flowers.  

“If you want your cake to make a colour statement, it’s good to have a clear idea of your colour scheme and venue before consulting your cake designer,” adds Ms Mann.  

She believes this will give whoever’s making the cake a better chance of finding the perfect fit.