Wedding could be on the cards for popstar couple

Reports have suggested there may be an upcoming wedding for pop star couple Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes.

The pair, of the bands The Saturdays and JLS respectively, have been dating for some time, and recently hinted that the next step might be closer than everyone thought.

Wiseman made the hints in the Daily Star, claiming: “Could we top the Royal Wedding? It would be a tough act to follow.”

Also, when recently Glamour recently asked the pair if they’d be tying the know any time soon, Wiseman answered: “The pressure’s on you [Humes] for that bit, I’ll just be quiet.”

One source close to the couple has spoken out regarding the situation, arguing that each of the stars are “huge” and come from “two of the UK’s biggest pop groups.”

The insider went on to add: “Even if they can’t outdo Kate and Wills, they’re certainly pop royalty¬†– their wedding could easily make them the new Posh and Becks,” suggesting that if the pair were to go for it, aspects such as the wedding reception venue, dress and cake could exceed the luxury of the Beckhams’ wedding back in 1999.

However, some have suggested Wiseman would have to tame her “roving eye” if the couple are to have a long and happy marriage; as she recently announced to the press: “Robert Pattinson is so hot. Sorry Marvin, no offence.”