Wedding dates can influence the entire event, expert says

The date a wedding is held on can influence the entire experience of the day, a wedding planner has claimed. reported that the time of year and the day of the week can both have a big influence.

Having a particular date in mind that couples won’t budge on could mean choosing a wedding reception venue needs to be done very far in advance. However, if the day and time of year are flexible, it significantly opens the options for the couple.

Wedding planner Isabel Smith points out the benefit of marrying on a Sunday: “As long as it’s not a bank holiday, a sunday can often mean lower prices as well as greater availability during the summer.” reports that the type of wedding being planned can influence the time it is held. If the theme is rich colours and a hearty meal with a big open fireplace, a winter wedding is more logical. However, if a light buffet, pretty little dresses and the option of having photographs on the lawn is the plan, a summer date would be better suited.

It’s also important to take into account dates that the majority of the guests can attend. Choosing a national holiday can mean availability of staff is an issue, as well as friends and family having prior arrangements.