Wedding ideas for 2013 revealed by expert

A wedding venue expert has outlined some of the top trends that brides and grooms will be utilising as part of their wedding in 2013.

Steven Hancock, managing director of hospitality firm Zest Group, believes that the ceremony hosts and wedding reception venue will have to adapt to the practicality and versatility of some of the hot new trends for next year.

Cited by, Hancock believes the 1920s theme – which will be boosted by the release of ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie next year – is going to be massive among weddings in the year to come.

“Have your wedding set in an open and versatile space that will allow you to customise a 20’s style decor and accessories for your reception,” he said. “Hire gambling tables, beaded curtains, and a singer with a saxophone band to add that 20’s glamour and style.”

Furthermore, he believes mint is set to be big. Seasonal mojitos, with a dash of mint, peach and ginger could add that little something to a “special day”. Furthermore minted pea puree could contrast nicely with some spicy chorizo, followed up with some homemade chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Finally, 2013 is being touted as the year of nature, alongside “simplicity and back to basics”. As a result, an ideal nature-themed wedding start could be goat’s cheese and red pepper mousse in recycled, homely jam jars.

Alternatively, is predicting the year of lace, with full-on lace dresses and lacy cap sleeves set to make a comeback.