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Wedding insurance growing in popularity

Couples are increasingly turning to wedding insurance to protect themselves in case of a slip-up on the big day, reports.

The cost of an average wedding is now roughly the same as a small car, which has prompted some couples to look at it in the same way and take out insurance. This way, they claim, they will have some form of compensation if the photographs come out badly or a drunken relative falls into the cake.

Booking the wedding reception venue, cars and honeymoon (not to mention the infamous seating plan) takes time and money, which is what prompted the rise in couples buying insurance to give themselves peace of mind.

Other reasons for the trend include fear of extreme weather conditions, illness or injury to one of the wedding party, poor quality photos or negatives that are destroyed. Another popular reason is for couples in the army, just in case they are called away in an emergency.

Some policies even include a “change of heart” clause, just in case one of the couple gets cold feet and chooses not to go ahead with the wedding at all.

Speaking to of the policies, insurer Milton Wright explained how mishaps at the wedding have been precursors to a divorce in the past.

“It’s becoming more of a common thing unfortunately, and we see insurance is there to protect against things of that nature,” he added.