Wedding planner says to get boring planning out of the way first

A wedding planner has urged couples to consider the unromantic aspect of planning their big day before pressing on with the more fun issues.

Speaking to, planner Isabel Smith warned couples that whilst looking at their finances and available dates may not be the most fun part of planning a wedding, it should be the one that’s mulled over first.

Smith explained that when looking to book a wedding reception venue, couples should first consider their finances. If their dream location proves to expensive, or the dates don’t match up, it might require the big day to be pushed back a little.

Whilst the financial aspect won’t be as fun as planning colour schemes, menus or decor, Smith said it will make the process a lot easier in the long run. It could have its benefits, however, as those finding it difficult to come up with the cash needed for their ideal date may find they not only get longer to prepare but more time to save as well.

Smith advised, however, that delaying the event could make for more indecision as couples begin considering new ideas, so it shouldn’t be pushed back too far into the future.

Explaining, Smith told “I’m a huge fan of short engagements. They create a whirlwind of excitement and prevent you from constantly changing your mind about things every time you read a new wedding magazine.

“But you have to be realistic too: planning a wedding takes up a huge amount of time, so if your jobs keep you at the office 7-7, you simply won’t have the time to plan anything too elaborate in just a couple of months.”