Wedding planners play pivotal role in preparations

Wedding planners can save couples time, money and stress, according to The role they play in the big day is pivotal to ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Although private planners can be expensive, some of the money invested can often be saved in deals the planners strike with florists, caterers and photographers. However, if the budget is tight, there is the possibility that the wedding reception venue offers a planner as part of the package.

These planners already know the venue and what can be achieved, making it much easier and quicker to establish how the big day will run. The decoration, menu and music can all be pre-arranged in one meeting, saving the bride time to arrange other essentials.

Trying to arrange the wedding in less than a year can be much more stressful, according to and arranging the venue and photographer should be the first priorities. Having a planner at the venue means sorting out flowers, dresses and hairstyles can be left to the bride, with the bigger things taken care of by someone else.

In-house wedding planners allow the bride to have a lot of influence and involvement in the planning of the wedding, but take away the stress of having to do everything without any help.