Wedding planning more stressful than work

Nearly four in ten people think that planning a wedding is more stressful than their day job, according to a BT survey.

Over a quarter think that is more stressful than moving house, and one in five think planning the ‘big day’ is more stressful than university exams, reported.

BT commissioned the survey whilst promoting its ‘Adam and Jane’ television campaign. In the television wedding, the character of Jane also goes into labour, leaving the couple with no time to prepare together.

Web Wire reported that in the fictional wedding, BT asked its Facebook users to vote on the future of the couple – who have been romancing on British TV since 2005.

Coincidentally, BT found that one in ten (11 per cent) thought that wedding planning was even more stressful than childbirth.

Booking the marriage room and wedding reception venue should be one of the first and easiest steps for any couple; and for eight per cent of the 2,000 surveyed, that was the case. They said that they had no stress in managing the day at all.

In fact, it was revealed that the guest list and seating plan gave half of those asked the most headaches.

Between the sexes, women were more likely to worry about their weight leading up to the big day than men (26 per cent to 17 per cent), but men worried more about long-term commitment than women (23 per cent to 19 per cent).

The latest episode in the Adam and Jane saga will air in late February. This will be around the same time of another very popular UK wedding, between Prince William and Kate Middleton.