Wedding Report gives insight into British brides

The latest Wedding Report from has revealed that increasingly, British brides and grooms-to-be are paying for their own wedding.

Bypassing the tradition that the bride’s father should pick up the tab, over two-thirds of UK couples are saving themselves; paying for the entire cost of their big day. In fact, only one-fifth are lucky enough to have their wedding paid for by their parents.

However, couples are paying a little less than they previously did, revealed. Now spending half the amount they did back in 2008, right before the recession hit, brides are being smarter with their budgets. Only five per cent of the nation’s soon-to-be betrothed couples will spend over £20,000 on their wedding; with 61 per cent opting to spend a less modest £10,000 or less instead.

This hasn’t stopped them having the wedding they want though; ensuring they secure the wedding reception venue they want or the flowers they have their heart set on. George Buchan, a spokesperson for, confirmed: “Rather than going without, today’s brides are going for the personal touch and taking on more of the work themselves to save costs, making their stationery, decorations, cakes and bouquets.

“It’s also interesting that today’s brides are doing away with age-old traditions and are picking up the cost of their big day themselves. I’m’ sure there will be lots of dads up and down the country sighing with relief!”

One happy couple set to marry soon, Josephine Loong and Greg Eakins, explained how they are prioritising in order to keep their budget on track. They told how they planned to forego seat coverings in favour of securing the photographer they want.

“Having good pictures is really important,” Loong said of her photography, but added about the chair coverings: “They look nice… but at the end of the night, no-one remembers them.”