Wedding rules it's OK to break

A number of wedding rules it’s perfectly acceptable to break have been outlined by bridal magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings.

The magazine noted on that the days of so-called “cookie cutter” weddings – whereby most ceremonies were the same and people just chose the option they most preferred – were consigned to the past. This also brought about a change in the once-firmly-held traditions of weddings that it was now OK to break.

First was the issue of the bride’s dress, or more specifically, the colour. Traditionally, even brides who didn’t want to wear white would still often plump for cream or ivory. This season, however, saw some “scene stealing creations” in blues or even reds. 

Next, the issue of the ceremony was addressed and who should be called upon to fulfil duties, reports. The days of prescribed groomsmen and bridesmaids are long over, meaning that couples are now able to choose who they want to be part of the ceremony. Furthermore, this doesn’t have to equate to equal numbers of men and women, nor do they have to be wearing the same colours.   

Where the wedding reception venue was concerned, the magazine advocated adding a few personal touches to make it feel like home.

“You probably can’t spend lots of time with each guest,” the advice went. “But you can promote an intimate, at-home dinner-party atmosphere by surrounding the invitees with a few of your favourite things. Create a unified table with the same flatware and china at each place, then fill the centre with an array of beloved objects – from registry gifts to a stash of personal curios.”