Wedding size linked to marriage quality, study suggests

Couples who invite more people to their weddings have a better chance of enjoying a happy marriage, research from the US suggests.  

The experts from University of Denver found that a number of other factors could also influence the happiness of a marriage, including the number of previous partners each person has had and whether they’d cohabited before.

Researchers questioned 418 people as part of a dedicated survey to determine the quality of their marriage. According to, those who ranked in the top 40 per cent were deemed to have a “high-quality” union.

Of the respondents who invited more than 150 people to their big day, 47 per cent fell into the top bracket, but this dropped to 31 per cent among those with 50 or fewer attendees. This suggests that couples who have big weddings are 52 per cent more likely to be happy years down the line.

One of the study’s authors, Galena K. Rhoades, was quoted by as saying: “We know from social psychology research that people like to be consistent, so making a public declaration of commitment may help people follow through on their commitments.

“This finding may also reflect that couples who have stronger communities and greater social support tend to do better.”