Weddings added to Facebook events toolbar

Facebook is to start reminding its 901 million users about any upcoming weddings they’re invited to.

Users may be aware of the birthday reminders feature, but Facebook will now provide a countdown for ceremonies and receptions. In a recent blog post, the company announced that notifications about weddings will be rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks.     

Entries will feature on Facebook’s new ‘events calender’ – an app which allows users to write on and edit an online planner – along with the standard toolbar. Furthermore, users avoid any future mishaps by inputting the name of the wedding reception venue, its address and any instructions on how to find it.  

Cited by, Facebook software engineer Bob Baldwin said of the new addition: “A couple of us felt there should be better way for people to see their friends’ birthdays a few days in advance and make plans for the weekend.” 

Users will also be able to add the bride or groom their ‘friend’ is marrying directly from the alert screen. After the request has been confirmed, there’s also a chance that friend suggestions on Facebook could provide the entire guest list of the wedding reception venue.

However, it seems not everyone agrees that weddings should be publicised on social networking sites. Writing in her column at, wedding planner Sandy Malone argued that only close friends should be informed and invited to attend such events.     

She went on to advise brides and grooms around the world: “Only invite current friends. If you haven’t talked to somebody in more than a year, or don’t stay in current contact via email, skip them. Being Facebook friends does not qualify you for a wedding invitation.”