Welsh songstress puts off her wedding

Welsh songstress Katherine Jenkins has announced she has postponed her wedding to Gethin Jones until 2012.

The singer cited being “so busy” as the reason for the delay, but said that as the pair only got engaged recently, there was no rush to set a date.

She confirmed the news in the Daily Express: “This summer I’ve got my concerts and the show ‘pop star to Opera’ so I’m a long way off. We only engaged a few weeks ago.”

“Everybody seems to be in more of a rush than we are. There’s no need to rush. I want to do it when I’ve got the time to do everything properly.”

This means that details such as the caterers, wedding reception venue and entertainment won’t be confirmed till later in the year; and it may in fact be even later, as Jenkins hinted that she isn’t good at making firm decisions, commenting that: “It will be hard to choose the dress because I get to wear so many beautiful things.”

What is sure is that the singer will have plenty of money to fund her big day; as the Sunday Times Rich List recently confirmed Jenkins fortune of £13 million.

According to This is South Wales, Jenkins’ added success in America has helped contributed to her handsome financial situation.