When it comes to bridal bouquets, less is more

Brides have been told to go easy on the selection of flowers for their bouquets, especially if they’re of a smaller stature.

In a series of tips for wives-to-be, swns.com has warned that smaller brides can sometimes appear overwhelmed by huge bunches of flowers.

Taller brides were also told to keep their bouquets down to a moderate size, as a larger bunch may detract some of the attention away from the detailing on the front of their wedding dress.

“This applies to corsages and buttonholes too – many mother of the bride dresses have attractive beading, embroidery or designs on them that should not be concealed by adding too large a floral addition to the lapel,” the article went on to stress.

The site claimed there was definitely a place for “smaller, discreet” bouquets that would suit a vase just as much as they would suit a bride walking down the aisle on their big day.

In fact, on the topic of matching a bouquet of flowers to a dress, bridalmusings.com contributor and floral specialist Emma Lappin, of Emma Lappin Flowers, says the outfit should always be purchased first.

She highlighted that florists will often request to see a picture of the dress so they can find a bouquet to match its style, shape and detail.