Wi-fi service now available at 131 London Underground stations

Commuters and tourists can now access the internet in 131 London Underground stations, as Virgin Media has just extended its service to another ten stations.

According to techweekeurope.co.uk, on top of the ten recently added to the network, ten more will be connected by the end of Spring – although it’s not known which ten will be included. In the latest rollout, stations such as Newbury Park, Upton Park and Leytonstone now have Wi-Fi access, meaning passengers can continue to check their emails even when they’re several miles underground.

Anyone who’s a customer of Virgin Media, O2, Vodafone or EE can connect to the Wi-Fi service for free, reports cable.co.uk. Those who aren’t must pay to get online, but day passes cost as little as £2. There were rumours that Three might also become a partner in the scheme, but there is no evidence to indicate this yet.   

Last month the firm announced that 600,000 Twitter, email and Facebook posts were sent by 80,000 people on New Year’s Eve and the peak usage time was 1:04am. Around three million people ride on the London Underground network each day and Virgin Media plans to eventually get them all online. So far though, the firm is only halfway there, as there are 275 stations in total on the network.