Winter weddings go ahead across the UK, despite snow and ice

Couples across the UK have been pushing ahead with their winter wedding plans, despite myriad disruptions caused by the adverse weather conditions.

The Mirror reports that some couples are even finding their icy surroundings are providing an even more atmospheric ceremony, and most are adapting their wedding reception venue to keep warm and dry. One couple from Northumberland, Ryan and Jenna Walmsley were married yesterday despite heavy snowfall. “It started snowing during the ceremony, then during the reception the power went off.”

“We were left to do the photographs by candlelight, which only added to the atmosphere. We had a roaring log fire to keep our guests warm, and to be honest, it’s made it all the more memorable.”

Another couple, Mr and Mrs George, spoke of their trial in the Oxford Times, and prior to the ceremony, appealed to a local radio station to find a kind-hearted person willing to pick up the bride in their 4×4 vehicle. Their plea was picked up on Twitter, and the bride confirmed all worked out in the end: “The toastmaster ran and brought me some welly boots, and they picked me up in a Bentley in the end. We had a great day, the snow was beautiful.”

Mr and Mrs Williams from Shropshire also defied the odds to become husband and wife, with some guests walking around four miles just to make it to the reception – with another hailing a taxi for the 120-mile journey to his friends’ wedding.

The pair were initially worried, claiming, “We started getting phone calls in the morning from people who didn’t think they could make it,” however confirmed that in the end, around 80 per cent of their guests made it – mostly kitted out in wellington boots.