Witherspoon's wedding kept under wraps

Despite recent reports that Reese Witherspoon was to marry imminently, nothing as yet has been announced confirming or denying the news.

That’s because everyone either invited to or working on it has been sworn to silence about the arrangements, according to Showbiz Spy; even going as far as making every sign a non-disclosure agreement confirming their intentions.

It is thought that this will help keep the wedding out of the spotlight and that no private images are released to the public. A source spoke to the press about the news, claiming: “Everyone that has been hired to help plan and prepare the event has been asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.”

“Reese and Jim understand that fans will be interested, but are determined to keep their private life as private as possible. She’s an actress, not a reality star. If you want to see someone get married on TV, watch Bravo.”

Reports have suggested that the much-loved American film star will marry her partner, Jim Toth, at Witherspoon’s California home either on Saturday or Sunday. However details of the wedding reception venue have been kept well under wraps, so it is unknown where the pair will celebrate after the ceremony.

HollyScoop.com reported that if any more detailed information than that is leaked to the press regarding the event, the bride will likely launch legal action against the source, in line with the stipulations set out in the signed agreements.

Regardless of the hard work it has taken to prepare the big day, it seems the blonde celebrity is looking forward to her upcoming nuptials; with a further Hollywood insider stating: “Reese couldn’t be more excited.”

“Not only is she getting a husband, but her wonderful children are getting another father.”