Workers using sneaky measures to check mobiles in meetings

An increasing number of workers are taking a sneak peak at their mobile phones during work meetings.

That’s according to Karen Leland, a marketing consultant writing for Huffington Post, who claims that business meetings could be more productive if electronic devices were put away.

However, this doesn’t stop workers from taking a cheeky look at their mobiles or tablets in corporate venues, which could make small and large businesses suffer.

Leland writes: “In my experience, small businesses suffer just as much as major corporations from their constant checking of cell phones in important meetings and even one-on-one conversations.”

In addition, Leland cites a survey from Qumu that reveals the majority of those surveyed (62 per cent) believe that during work meetings, co-workers at sneaking a peek at their mobiles.

According to the survey, the most common way to have a look at a mobile whilst remaining under the radar from boardroom members is to hide it under the table – the preferred method of 47 per cent of those surveyed, cites

42 per cent have excused themselves from a meeting to ‘head to the bathroom’ when in actual fact they are checking their mobile device, while nine per cent pretend to tie their shoes in order to play with their mobiles.