Would you wear a bikini to your wedding?

A bikini wedding dress could be the next big thing after being presented at a fashion show in Germany this week.

Mail Online reported that the ensemble was designed by Kaviar Gauche and showcased at Berlin Fashion Week in amongst a wider selection of more conventional wedding dresses.

It is not the first time the fashion brand has hit the headlines through its shock tactics, as a few years ago it sent models out on the runway almost naked, bar a few strategically-placed accessories.

Whether or not people will see brides sporting the bikini at a wedding reception venue in the near future is unknown, with the news provider suggesting it may be the sort of thing Lady Gaga would wear to a ceremony.

“The mind-boggling garment looks to be made up of a few diminutive sections of fabric joined together with a central strip. The ensemble slips over a barely-there thong bikini brief, and the whole outfit is shrouded in a diaphanous veil,” it explained.

Reporting on the wedding attire, toofab suggested the see-through bikini dress may be more appropriate for a honeymoon than the wedding itself.

The fashion commentator noted that Paris Fashion Week is generally regarded as the more avant-garde show, but Berlin Fashion Week makes a strong case for itself by presenting such intriguing designs.