Writer dispenses economical wedding ideas as survey reveals couples spend two years saving

A new survey has found that couples spend two years saving up for their dream wedding, femalefirst.co.uk writes. Fortunately, there are ways to impress for less.

Research carried out by the Post Office revealed that the average couple tries to save between £10,000 and £30,000 to pay for their big day. A lucky two-thirds can rely on help from family members, in fact, 52 per cent said that the ‘bank of mum and dad’ would make a contribution.

It’s no surprise to learn that many engaged couples opt for a smaller wedding and some, rather than posting a traditional gift list, request money towards a house deposit.

That said, there are ways to make weddings more pocket-friendly, without compromising on quality or taste. For example, writing for handbag.com, Sarah Jordan reveals some great ways to decorate a wedding reception venue.

Lighting can help create a stunning atmosphere and set the tone, but rather than hire expensive lighting and/or candelabras, Jordan suggests asking guests to dig out their Christmas fairy lights and string around the room for a magical touch.

“Cover them in strips of sheer fabric to make the light more mellow or wrap ribbon that corresponds to your wedding colour scheme around each light strand,” she suggests.  

Hit the charity shops, she says, for vintage sweet jars, cake stands and crockery, all of which make great table centre pieces, especially when filled with homemade sweets or mini-muffins. These can then double as favours.

Lastly, to ‘dress-up’ chairs, simply wrap them in great swathes of material or ribbon and tie a bow. Match the colours to your theme and this will create a luxurious effect, really easily.