Writer explains "commitment" involved in choosing wedding dress

Choosing the right wedding dress for a bride’s big day can prove as big a commitment as choosing the caterer or wedding reception venue.

That’s according to writer Suzanne S. Brown, who came to her conclusion after speaking with wedding dress designer, Claire Pettibone.

Cited by I4u.com, Brown revealed that: “Those who have never been married might wonder why brides-to-be make such a big deal out of selecting a wedding dress. But analyse the components and you’ll begin to see why.

“A wedding dress is the most expensive garment a woman will ever busy and typically the only gown she will have custom-made for her… All eyes will be on her, so she wants it to be perfect,” the writer added. She then went on to confirm that on average, wedding dresses account for around £800 of a wedding’s budget and much more in many cases.

As such, Pettibone warned brides-to-be to go with their own gut instinct, instead of relying on other people’s opinions. She also suggested trying on a handful of dresses rather than going through tens of potential gowns and allowing a fair few months to make a decision.

“You also need to allow time for planning your accessories,” she concluded on denverpost.com.