The Brewery has fast, unlimited, complimentary wireless broadband throughout.

Venue IT & Infrastructure

As a professional multi-purpose venue, The Brewery understands the importance of staying connected.

The Brewery has made significant investments into the network infrastructure to ensure our wireless is one of the best complimentary in house systems available in the UK.

The Brewery has always adopted the approach that WiFi is a commodity that should be available to all free of charge, as it is seen as a necessity not a luxury when attending events away from the home or office. The recent investments have ensured that we are at the forefront of wireless technology within the events industry by increasing our internet capacity to 1100mb both up and down.

Fast, unlimited, complimentary wireless broadband throughout the venue

Whilst most venues restrict the amount of complimentary WiFi bandwith available to end users to 1mb or less, The Brewery has continued with the approach of offering unrestricted bandwith whilst increasing it from 100mb to 200mb which leaves a huge 900mb spare capacity for events which demand a high bandwith.

This all means that the venue is ideal for tech-based events where a large number of delegates need to connect simultaneously via hand-held devices.

Our connectivity infrastructure setup

  • Cisco 6500 series core infrastructure and Cisco 2960x edge switching enables resillience across the entire estate with no single points of failure
  • Dual Cisco wireless controllers with proven and demonstrated capacity for 2000+ concurrent users ensures that visitors are always connected whatever the size and nature of the event.
  • Frequencies supported: wireless A, B, G and N.
  • We can also provide webcasts for conferences and presentations in conjunction with our in-house audio visual supplier and Panoptics Systems.

Seamless conference collaboration

The internet capability at The Brewery ensures that you can make the most of any conference or event at the venue. You will be able to stream video, easily share content on social channels and work remotely if you are live reporting or blogging at an event. If you are streaming video during a conference delivery, rest assured you’ll stay connected.

Undisrupted service at your event

The Brewery’s experience and understanding of corporate events means that we know how important the delivery is. That’s why the investment in the infrastructure was made to enable uninterrupted events. With so many aspects of events being internet-dependant, for example digitial stands, interactive media and product demonstrations, the super-speed internet connection leaves no room for error.

What our guests had to say

"The AV guys did an incredible job as well, no problems what so ever and the internet worked great! There was even a tweet saying that this was the best internet one had ever had in his life!"