Queen Charlotte

Tweet Up

Tweet Up was a networking event organised by an online event community via Twitter. It was attended by a number of key figures in the events industry and had a focus on technology and social networking within the industry.
The Queen Charlotte was ideal as it was big enough for all the guests and exhibitors to be located in one space.
Due to the nature of the event a large number of people were using the internet during the event to demonstrate new technologies and tweet updates. The Brewery Wi-Fi was able to easily cope with all that was asked with it and we received many positive comments about the speed and reliability of the service.
The menu – a combination of bowl food and smaller buffet grab items – was designed so that it could be eaten easily while standing and chatting.
Our LED lighting meant that despite the relatively low budget, the room still looked striking and created a big impact upon entry. All speeches and talks were delivered using the built-in PA system.