Charity event venues in London

What is charitable event?

A charitable event means a non-profit event and may be an event that includes charitable fundraising. A charitable event is used to raise money for a good cause. The Brewery has huge experience in hosting charity events including charity auctions, dinners and exhibitions.

How do I organise/set up a charity event in UK?

How you organise a charity event will depend on the scale and goal of your event. Organising a coffee morning will be far easier than a concert at Wembley stadium.

We’ve put together a how to plan a socially conscious event guide and a guide for planning a successful charity event which will give you a great start in planning your own successful event.

How much does a charity event cost?

The cost of a charity event can vary greatly depending on lots of different factors. The size of venue, the location, is food being provided? Will you need printing or branding? Do you have to hire AV equipment or other technology? The list goes on.

The key thing is that you need to pay for the essentials but keep the cost down to ensure that you can generate as much for the chosen charities as possible. Consider donations, making use of volunteers, corporate sponsorship and choosing the right charity event venue and location as ways to keep the costs down.

What insurance do I need for an event?

Depending on the type of event you may well need to have insurance. You should get professional advice on the required insurance as part of your charity event planning. The types of insurance cover you may need could include Public Liability, Employers’ Liability, Cancellation Cover, Equipment Cover or Event Venue insurance. There are tailored event liability insurance packages available that cover a range of different scenarios.

How do I collect money for charity?

The Fundraising Regulator site has some comprehensive guidelines on how to collect when fundraising.

How do you name a charity event?

The charity event name is an important way to make your event memorable, personalised and captivating. GoFundMe have put together a great article on naming your fundraiser. Although targeted to online giving, the information is relevant to any type of fundraiser of charity event. Find out more here.

Can you fundraise if you are not a charity?

Yes, you can fundraise if you are not a charity. However, if you are not a charity you cannot raise funds as a charity. This is an important distinction because there are some benefits to being a charity that are not afforded to an individual fundraiser. These include things like being able to claim charitable status and not being able to offer tax relief on donations.

If you intend to raise money for a charity, then consider getting them on board with your fundraising before you start. They may be in a position to offer you additional resources, support, promotional materials and other forms of assistance.

What is your charity venue capacity at The Brewery?

We have a number of different event spaces that can be hired for charity events. The flexible layout ensures that we can cater for small or large audiences. Find out more about our charity event capacity.

Does The Brewery have experience hosting charity events?

Many charities choose The Brewery to host their gala’s, balls and fundraising events. We have a huge amount of experience ensuring these large-scale events run smoothly. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your event.