Exhibition venue in London

Bibendum EC1 Pop Up Tasting

Every year wine merchant Bibendum looks for a venue to hire in London to host its Bibendum Annual Trade Wine Tasting event for 1,600 guests. Alongside tasting, the event provides information on wine training, social media, consumer and market insights.

The event was to celebrate East London in the run-up to the Olympics and create unique room concepts to give the impression of a one-off space to fit in with its ‘pop-up’ theme. We developed a boxed street-food concept that focused on the variety and style of food in East London and provided the right mix to absorb alcohol without overwhelming the palate. Guests were treated to miso marinated heritage beef, warmed Norfolk smoked chicken and Nepalese vegetable curry, all chosen to mirror the exciting worldwide tastes that can be found on Brick Lane.

Bibendum’s designers worked with our in-house team to produce room themes, each representing different elements of East London – such as a park, an indoor market, a vintage store, a construction site and a warehouse party.

Social media was an integral part of the event. The Brewery’s communication team worked alongside Bibendums to make sure all event information was fed through both companies’ Twitter and Facebook sites.

Bibendum has booked The Brewery exhibition space to host the event for the following year.


“A big thank you to everyone at The Brewery for helping make our Bibendum EC1 Tasting a massive success. From the beginning all the way through to the event itself, the whole team got right behind our vision for the event and helped us put on a creatively stunning and logistically flawless event for over 2,500 members of the UK wine trade. The response from our guests to the venue was fantastic and everyone from Bibendum really enjoyed working with The Brewery Venue Team. You get my vote!”

Sophie Shields Events Coordinator, Bibendum

The BNC Event Show

The BNC brings suppliers from the hospitality and events world together with professional buyers. Having over 10,000 members worldwide the BNC offers an amazing opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

The BNC Event show is one of two main live exhibitions that they host for their members and choose The Brewery as the large Porter Tun space allows for all the exhibitors to be in one space giving equal status to all suppliers.

Exhibition food served during the show

The Brewery creates a unique menu that means that food is served throughout the day. There are no stations the food is delivered to the stands and to guests as they network meaning the meetings are not interrupted for lunch and no opportunities are lost.


Yesterday went really well, we're really pleased and have received some great feedback from exhibitors and attendees, I know the food was mentioned many times!

Kimberley Wadden The Buyers Networking Club