Wedding & reception venue in London

A happy couple, recently wedded at The Brewery


Why have my wedding at The Brewery?

Our venue offers a unique historical twist for your special day in a convenient central London location, with a variety of rooms to choose from. With a capacity from 40 to 1000 guests, we can facilitate very intimate weddings to a large celebration. We have a highly-experienced team to ensure your day is exactly as you plan.

How do I plan a wedding at The Brewery?

We understand that planning a wedding can be stressful, which is why we have an amazing wedding planner and a team of highly experienced event managers here to help plan your wedding – ensuring your day runs exactly as you plan.

What are the food options for my wedding at The Brewery?

Our Head of Food Andrew O’Connor and his team are dedicated to providing some of the most delicious wedding menus you will find, which stand out from the crowd for their creativity, fusion of flavours and quality of ingredients. You’ll be invited to a private tasting with Andrew and his team to ensure that everything is to your exact requirements. Find out more about our wedding menus and drinks selection.

What is the difference between a wedding ceremony, wedding breakfast and wedding reception?

A wedding ceremony is where two people are united in marriage, typically with vows and the exchange of rings. The wedding breakfast is the meal after the ceremony, this is usually when speeches are made. The wedding reception is the celebratory party afterwards.

Why is it called a wedding breakfast?

Back in the 17th century, it was tradition for newlyweds to fast before the service and so the meal after the ceremony would be where they “break the fast”, hence, wedding breakfast.

What happens at a wedding reception?

A wedding reception is celebrated differently throughout all types of cultures. Typically, here in the UK, it is a celebratory party for the newly weds with friends and family. There is often nibbles, drinks and dancing – typically this is where the guests watch as the married couple have their first dance. It also gives everyone the chance to socialise.

How much does a typical wedding reception cost?

The price of your wedding reception depends entirely on your preferences! To get an accurate price range, make an enquiry to our amazing wedding planner.

How long is a wedding reception?

A wedding reception can last until we turn off the lights at 1am. So the duration depends entirely on the time of your ceremony.

Is it okay to invite guests only to the reception?

Absolutely! Many people invite additional evening guests to the reception, as this saves costs on catering for them, but still including them in your celebrations!

How many guests can I invite to my wedding reception?

The amount of guests you can invite to your wedding reception will depend on the venue chosen. Our venues allow a reception capacity of 40 to 600 guests. Full details can be found on our wedding and reception venues page.