5 ways to make your event Instagram worthy


Social media is still on the rise and with it comes publicity and advertising. If you’re holding a corporate event this year, social media is the perfect opportunity to capitalise on the visibility you’ll gain, especially the popular photo sharing app, Instagram. In this article, we’ll reveal some secrets about how to make your event Instagram-worthy to encourage photo taking and sharing.

Designated photo opportunities

The best way to encourage taking photographs is to provide an opportunity for them. Upon entering your event space, a colourful branded backdrop – almost like a red-carpet walkway – is the first thing guests will see, and the first thing they will want to take a picture of so they can check into the event. Adding something a little unique or unusual to the wall, such as a three-dimensional aspect like flowers, will also help it stand out and provide a photo opportunity.

Other dedicated photo zones around the event will also help people feel like they can be ‘Instagramming’ their day. Props such as frames to hold, with the branding on the frame, or an event themed object, are great fun to have- people will want to take a photo of themselves there, especially if other people are too.

Event hashtag

Hashtags are often considered of paramount importance on social media so if you really want your event to create a presence on Instagram, you have to choose the hashtag yourself. Otherwise, guests will assign their own personal hashtags to the event and it’ll be much more difficult to identify and explore the event pictures on Instagram.

Make sure the hashtag isn’t too long but is still identifiable as your brand and the event. Make sure the hashtag appears on any programmes that are being given out, on the entrance, on any presentations or lecterns being used, and any other appropriate locations where it’ll catch attention.

Aesthetics and lighting

Good lighting is crucial for photographs – the wrong lighting can dissuade people from taking pictures because they won’t turn out well. However, lighting is definitely something that can be played with to achieve eye-catching effects that people will want to document. With the specialised LED lighting systems available in a number of the rooms at The Brewery, these effects will be effortless to achieve yet draw the attention of your guests.

As well as lighting, the look of the venue is also key to creating photo opportunities. Depending on the type of the event and the company, there are many customisable decoration options available to make the venue look engaging for guests and Instagram-worthy. If catering is being provided, presentation is key, as people will be more likely to take photographs of food that makes a statement and looks amazing.


There’s nothing nicer than attending an event and finding your name on something, whether a favour, a named place setting, a programme, or a dedication on a wall of employees or people involved.

Having something personalised at an event makes the guest feel welcome and involved, and people often like taking photographs of their names combined with company branding. Also, not many companies tend to do this, so it’ll be a surprise that they’ll want to immortalise as an image.

Competition and interaction

Everyone knows that a prize is always a great incentive. So, what better to suggest than that the person who takes the best photo of the night, on the event hashtag, will win a prize?

Not only does this give people a reason to take photographs, and will result in many more photographs, it also implies that the photographs that are taken will be of good quality and appropriate to the event and company.

Make sure to also interact with the photos that people are posting by liking and commenting on them to show that you’re engaged with the social media of the event and appreciate their involvement.

If you’re looking to plan and hold a corporate event this year, why not consider The Brewery. With a number of different rooms, high class audio-visual features, and award-winning food, we can help you customise your event so that it’s perfectly Instagram worthy.