How technology can aid your event

The way in which a business holds events and conferences says much about its ethos and creativity, so when you’re planning an event, the last thing you want is to give the impression that innovation is at the bottom of your list. In this age of instant information and limitless connectivity, a company event showcases more than just what’s on the agenda; it can be an opportunity to establish your business as an authority in your field, demonstrate your business links and outline your strategy for the future.

With a business event booked at The Brewery, you can be sure of a venue with the wow factor, state of the art audio-visual support and high speed Wi-Fi, but what other technology could you use to ensure the best possible impression and the most memorable presentations?

Here we’ve gathered a list of the most cutting edge techniques your business can use to inform, engage with and entertain your guests at your next event or conference.

Live streaming

Events or conferences that have the potential to appeal to more people than can be hosted can reach a far wider audience through live streaming.

Presentations, Q&A sessions and more can be captured by a camera operator, encoded and played live through a secure online streaming partner, available for viewers anywhere to watch on any internet-connected device.

Social media interactivity

These days any company worth its salt posts updates from their own conferences and events, but have you thought about how interacting with your guests through social media can help you measure how well your event has been received?

Decide on a designated event hashtag and encourage attendees to use it in their posts, try creating a mobile survey or quiz to evaluate engagement during your event or set up a game or networking competition to get people involved. For example, challenge your guests to take pictures of themselves with certain people from the event or put up a prize for the first person who collects 50 business cards.

Event apps

Taking smart phone interaction one step further, a mobile app created specifically for your event or conference can really set it apart. After all, your guests don’t go anywhere without their phones, so your event app can act like an event guide in their pocket, with your agenda, room layouts, social media links, downloads, surveys and more at their fingertips.

What’s more, you can personalise the experience of your event for each attendee, with customisable options and preferences.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are making their way into more and more areas of everyday life, and business events and conferences are no exception. Nevertheless, VR headsets still cause a buzz and should guarantee a high level of interest and interaction. VR is a great way to demonstrate a product that’s too big to be displayed at your event, or can be used to give attendees a virtual tour of an off-site environment.

Touch screen technology

Breaking down the wall between a laptop and connected monitor or projector, touch screen technology allows a presenter to interact directly and instantly with the display the audience is looking at. Screens can be as simple as an interactive whiteboard allowing one or more users to write on a plain white surface with a finger or stylus, or as comprehensive as a colour HD monitor or full scale video wall.

This kind of technology does away with the need for flipcharts and enables presenters to annotate, alter and add to pre-designed conference materials right in the middle of your event.

And finally…

We love this idea. Guaranteed to maintain engagement through any Q&A session, we think a throwable microphone is an essential addition to any business event or conference. This fun and clever idea keeps up the momentum of audience participation without the need for the presenter to shout across the room, or for a designated microphone holder to run from person to person. It also ensures your audience pays attention, at risk of being caught in the crossfire!

If you’re planning an event or conference for your business, take a look at our Conferences and meetings pages or talk to us today about how we can make it the best yet at The Brewery.

Matching your wine to your food


As with so many things in life, a successful event is all in the detail. Arguably one of the most important things to get right to make your event successful or memorable is to ensure that your guests’ dining experience is faultless. At The Brewery, we understand the extent to which a wine can enhance your enjoyment of food and conversely, how the wrong wine can be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Our team pride themselves on their ability to recommend the perfect wine to compliment your choice of food at your event. We make it our mission to find wines that you and your guests will love and choices which will suit your menu to a tee.

In advance of your event, we’ll offer you a private tasting experience in our glass tasting room with one of our team of expert chefs. With a perfect view of the kitchen, you’ll see your food prepared and try a selection of seasonal dishes along with our recommended hand-picked old and new world wines, until you have a menu you simply can’t wait to savour.

Here we’ve gathered some of our tips for creating a food and drink menu that works in perfect harmony.


Find a crowd-pleaser

Most people will be one of two types; a white wine drinker or a red wine drinker. You may want to offer a wine of each variety that has a broad appeal and pairs well with most food, but there are a few hero wines that may be able to convert even the most die-hard red or white devotee.

Generally speaking, Sauvignon Blanc is a very popular white wine that pairs well with most foods, including salad, seafood, soft cheese, poultry and pasta. As for reds, Pinot Noir is very versatile, suiting red and white meat dishes and even salmon. Its lightness and higher acidity also means that it can appeal to white wine drinkers too. For a white wine that’ll keep your red wine drinkers happy, try a full-bodied wine aged in oak, such as Chardonnay.


Think pink

It’s not surprising that rosé is growing in popularity at events of all kinds. It pairs well with nearly everything, especially seafood, shellfish and light summery foods such as quiche and soufflé.

Rosé has the added advantage of appealing to lovers of both white and red wines, yet doesn’t have the heaviness of red and its pretty blush colour will look beautiful on your tables. When choosing a rosé, start with varieties made from your favourite red wine grape.


Mix it up

It’s completely up to you whether you serve a different wine with each of your courses, but doing so can really elevate your event’s menu. At The Brewery we can provide a meal of up to six courses, giving you the option to serve a wonderful variety of accompanying wines.

The golden rule when serving a mix is to vary the body of each wine, move from lighter bodied wines through to heavier ones with the main course. Think about the richness of the food; in general lean meats go well with lighter wines and richer food, such as red meat, cheese and creamy sauces, are well paired with highly acidic whites or reds with high tannin levels.

Finally, they say that ‘if it grows together, it goes together’, so consider serving food and wine from the same region, such as a Tuscan feast with a Chianti or a Galician fish dish with an Albariño.

If this has got your mouth watering, download our Food and Drink brochure and contact us today to find out how we can find the perfect pairings for your next event.

Top wedding cities around the world

Choosing a location for your dream wedding is hugely exciting yet potentially a bit overwhelming – after all, your chosen destination will go a long way to determining the kind of wedding you have. These days weddings take place almost anywhere, so how do you decide on the perfect setting for your big day?

Cities offer an exhilarating pace of life and vast array of choice when it comes to wedding venues, and at The Brewery, we’re nestled at the heart of one of the most vibrant and sophisticated cities in the world. Thanks to London’s cosmopolitan culture and ubiquitous urban cool, we can’t imagine a better place to say ‘I do’, but nevertheless we’ve pulled together a list of other top wedding cities from around the world, just in case you need a back-up plan…

New York

If you’re after a wedding location as fast-paced as it is polished, look no further than the city that never sleeps. With a host of luxury hotels and glamorous venues to choose from, not to mention client service to die for, the Big Apple can deliver the kind of wedding your guests will talk about for years to come.

Combining classic American hospitality with achingly stylish hot spots, New York is a city of iconic landmarks straight out of the movies, such as wedding photos in Central Park.


The city of love and romance is arguably the ultimate wedding destination. Just a short hop from the UK, Paris isn’t too far-flung and yet offers a city full of classically swoon-worthy settings and Gallic style. Think historic chapels, manicured gardens and ornate galleries, all surrounded by stunning Parisian architecture. If you’re a couple of hopeless romantics, Paris could be your spiritual home.

And don’t forget the famed food and drink! Toasting your wedding in the country that invented champagne could be the icing on the cake.


Cobbled squares, imposing Gothic facades and the sweeping Grand Canal, Venice is a city of magic and fantasy. If you’ve ever dreamed of waltzing the night away at a Venetian ball or arriving at your wedding by gondola, the heart of Northern Italy could be the location for you.

Venues range from grand Renaissance palaces to churches steeped in history, all surrounded by the meandering waterways the multi-island city is known for.

Las Vegas

Viva, Las Vegas! This is the city of fun and excess and any wedding here (especially the planned ones) is sure to be an entertaining occasion. Ideal for anyone looking to add a tongue-in-cheek twist to their nuptials, Vegas boasts every venue from the Little Chapel o’ Love to the glitziest high-rolling casinos which have wedding packages that take care of every last detail.

If you’re looking to include something really different on your wedding day, you’ve found your city. Las Vegas prides itself on being able to cater to even the most ‘out-there’ wedding ideas.


Our relationship with London is an endless love affair, from its royal connections to its cutting-edge arts scene, the fine international cuisine to leafy green parks. London has it all, including an omnipresent air of eccentric style and personality that other cities just can’t replicate.

As well as having the advantage of being easy to reach for your guests, London ticks the boxes for virtually any type of wedding, from the ultra-modern to the timelessly traditional.

The Brewery is the perfect venue for a wedding in our glorious capital city. With our central location, rich history and character, and fabulous choice of versatile spaces, The Brewery is a venue as quirky and original as it is stately and majestic.

If you’d like more information about how we can make your dream London wedding a reality, take a look at our dedicated wedding website The Proposal and arrange a visit.

It’s spring… time to think about summer!

Grab your grass skirt and your tropical shirt because it’s time to start getting ready for your summer party.

At The Brewery, we are currently taking bookings for our summer parties ‘Aloha!’, an outdoor Polynesian paradise-themed night out.

We run summer parties each year with different themes, to allow companies to come, bring guests and let their hair down.

What you’ll find at the event

Our party nights run from June to August and begin at 6pm. As you enter you’ll find two huge marquees transformed to whisk you off to a tiki paradise, featuring a range of bright summery plants, and furnished with a vibrant collection of comfortable and stylish furniture. We know that the great British summer isn’t always as perfect as we could hope for, so we’ll be putting a clear roof over the top to let the sun in but keep the showers out.

On arrival, you’ll get a complimentary summer cocktail or a refreshing glass of Pimms. After that, you can enjoy unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks until the main portion of the party ends at 9pm (you can increase this, see the details below). Our amazing chefs will be cooking up a great Polynesian BBQ throughout the night.

After the sun goes down, at 9pm we move indoors to begin the after-party, and as the temperature drops our DJ will help to keep the party going.

Who’s the summer party is ideal for?

We offer all-inclusive packages for 80-800 guests so it’s ideal if you want to host your company or stakeholders for a summer spectacular. Prices start from just £85 (+VAT) per person, and this includes unlimited drinks for the first three hours. If you want unlimited drinks throughout the after party too that can be added on for just £25 (+VAT) per person. We have a talented group of event planners who will help you to organise your event and make the process as simple as possible for you.

Why choose The Brewery?

The Brewery is located near the Moorgate, Liverpool Street and Barbican train stations, making it easy to travel to your summer party venue. Our venue can also easily reached by ten bus routes. You can also drive. While we don’t have parking on site – there’s a public car park at the Barbican nearby.

We’ve got a beautiful and imposing venue which is sure to wow your guests, treating them to a memorable party to make their summer a great one.

For more information or to make a booking please use our enquiry form, or you can call us direct on 020 7638 8811.

How to make your conference memorable

No matter what industry you work in, there are now hundreds of relevant conferences you can attend each year to boost your learning and increase your personal development. However, the mass of availability to the customer creates a challenge for conference organisers, as they must make their event as memorable as possible. Conference attendees want to walk out feeling like they have really learnt something and that the investment in both the cost of coming and the time away from the office has been worthwhile. So, how do you make your conference memorable and encourage people to come again? Here are our top tips.

Hold your conference in a unique and interesting venue

One of the great things about going to a conference is that it is a day out of the office, so the last thing people want is to arrive at a conference to find it looks just like an office. Your attendees want to walk in to somewhere that has the wow factor and will inspire them to spend the day learning new things. At The Brewery, we have a number of rooms ideal for just this. Our flexible space blends heritage with high-end facilities, so not only will the rooms inspire with their wealth of history, they’ll also be as modern as you need. Our event managers can help arrange the space so it meets your requirements – creating breakout areas around a main area or designing an intimate venue for a smaller group of people.

The Brewery, Hub 16 Conference


Build a buzz before the event

While people need to understand what the conference will cover in order to know whether it is relevant for them to attend, they also welcome an element of surprise. Create a reason for them to be there and build a buzz before the event, teasing on social media sneak peaks of the venue and the goodies people will get to build excitement. It might be a business day out, but if you can make them feel enthusiastic about coming along you are sure to get a great vibe within the conference itself.

Create an inviting atmosphere

First impressions matter, therefore you must make sure the sign in process is smooth. Frequently, conferences host breakfast for attendees so that they can arrive, get signed in and then enjoy some food before the day’s activities begin. At The Brewery, we pride ourselves on the quality of food provided and our chefs will work with you, as conference organisers, to plan the ideal menu for your day.


Knowledge Guild Event, The Brewery


Get in great and engaging speakers

There are a lot of boxes that a conference speaker needs to be able to tick. First, and most importantly, they need to be knowledgeable in the subject they are talking about. Most of the time they will be stood in front of peers from their own industry so they need to be able to show they have a high-level of knowledge, to justify why they are the ones on the stage.

Second, they need to be a really engaging speaker who can not only impart knowledge and understanding, but also can inspire attendees to want to go away from the conference and implement what they have learnt. If your attendees take away new knowledge and skills and use them in their daily work, they are more likely to return next year for some new skills!

Make it interesting

The key thing at a conference is to maintain your audience’s attention throughout the course of the day and the way to do that is to make the event as interactive as possible. Using the best technology available, you can ensure that you put on a visually appealing presentation. At The Brewery, we offer an integrated DB audio PA system and in house AV support to ensure that there are no glitches on the day. Furthermore, we have high-speed WiFi available so you and all your guests can access the internet and social media throughout the day.

Goodie bags

Everyone loves a little gift, so give your guests something to take away. Shopper bags are popular nowadays and if you display your conference name on it, they are great as an everyday reminder of the conference they attended. Don’t just throw in a pen and a mouse mat though – think about what is most relevant to your attendees and choose a gift which is relevant to the industry and something which they might use every day. The less chance there is of it going in the bin, the more everyday marketing you will get.

If you think The Brewery could be ideal for your next conference, then get in touch with us today.

Organising a successful exhibition

There are a huge number of benefits to businesses who attend a successfully run exhibition. From increasing business leads to conducting market research which informs future direction – exhibitions can be must attend places for many businesses.

However, these benefits are only really evident if the event itself is run successfully and that responsibility falls to the organisers of the exhibition itself.

If you are the one in charge, here are some top tips for ensuring your exhibition is a hit.

Start early

Needless to say but there is a huge amount of planning and organisation which goes into running a successful exhibition, particularly if you have a large number of exhibitors attending. As such one of the key things you need to do is start planning early. If you are organising an annual exhibition then you will likely be planning the following year’s event before you have even hosted this one.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time you will need, and the amount of warning you need to give to other people such as your exhibitors, and never think you are getting started too early.

Book the ideal venue

Your venue should say something about the exhibition itself, for example if you are holding an art exhibition you’ll ideally host it in a gallery or a building with some stunning architectural features.

At The Brewery we host numerous exhibitions each year across a range of different industries. We have a range of rooms providing you with a flexible and variable space for whatever purpose you need. We’re also located in an ideal location, which again is crucial if you want a high footfall at your exhibition. We’re based in the heart of the City of London, well served by both road and public transport making it an easy venue for both your exhibitors and visitors to get to.

Finally, book with us and you get a dedicated exhibition co-ordinator to handle all the venue details for you – from helping to arrange the technology and power supplies for each exhibitor to the food and drink you will offer. This assistance means you can then focus on liaising with your exhibitors.

You can read about some of the successful exhibitions we have held here at The Brewery on our case study page.

Calculate how much you need to charge your exhibitors

Exhibitors will generally be expecting you to charge one fixed price for them to be able to promote their business at your event so before you start allocating prices you need to be sure that whatever you charge will cover all your costs. This means ensuring you have quotes for everything the exhibition will need from the outset – this includes all the costs with the venue but also costs for things like marketing the event which will be crucial. Don’t leave these considerations to the end as once people have agreed to attend they are unlikely to welcome a last-minute price rise!

Create a buzz

The final key to a successful exhibition is getting people through the door because if no-one attends the businesses do not get the benefits they expected. Target your specific target audience and use all mediums of marketing to get out the details of the exhibition. When using social media, also provide marketing materials such as images and template posts for your exhibitors to use so that you can make use of their contact databases and spread your message far and wide.

If you have an exhibition that you think The Brewery could help with then get in touch today or if you have some questions about holding an exhibition our FAQ page will assist.

Spring Themed Weddings

Wedding and events planner, Jayne Mountford, and Executive chef, Steve Connell, have been sharing their thoughts on spring weddings with Vows and Venues Magazine. Here is what they had to say, which can also be found here.

Julie Michaelsen Photography

As we enthusiastically wave goodbye to winter and the first flowers begin to bloom, say it quietly, springtime is on its way!

Spring is a time for new beginnings and clean slates, bringing with it a sense of renewal and creativity. With the glut of new brides getting engaged over the Christmas and Valentine’s Day period, spring is the perfect time to wed and embark on your new life together as a couple.

When designing your perfect spring wedding, take advantage of the plethora of newly sprung flowers and wildlife available and use it to accentuate the more intricate details of your theme. Seasonal floral arrangements are a great way to make a big impact during your reception or ceremony. Garlands of ivy, cherry blossoms, hyacinths, tulips and peonies are all fantastic choices and will add an enchanting feel to long tables or aisles while flooding the room with the sweet aromas. Giving guests something to take home is another nice touch; give guests wild flower seed bombonieres they can sow in their own gardens as a reminder of your day.

There’s something wildly romantic about the untouched and untamed elegance of natural flowers and this is never more prominent than when unified with a beautifully contrasting background.

Spring is known for its spring showers, so, weather permitting, it’s a nice touch to get guests outside, even if only for a drinks reception or to toast the newlyweds. Combine the crisp, fresh spring air and a blue sunny sky, and you’re on to a real winner. To avoid the unpredictability of the spring weather a simply themed marquee is not only practical, it’ll evoke a garden party-esque feeling that offers guests a change of scenery as well as the chance to enjoy the season in all its glory!

If the outdoor space is something you know you want to incorporate into your day, add some quirky fun with a Mad Hatters tea party to replace the traditional champagne reception. Serve floral cocktails in jam jars or china tea cups and use playing cards as table settings. A trend I’m loving at the moment and which fits well with the tea party theme is swapping individual tables for one long centre bench. This creates a more communal feel while adding some fun to the occasion and giving a slightly rustic feel. The table can then be decorated to match your theme, while lanterns can be used to offer a more ambient setting if the meal will last into the evening.

Alpesh Rabadia Photography

Spring is a great time to keep things simple and let the natural beauty of the season take centre stage. It’s all about making the little things shine and incorporating little touches that will leave a big impression.

The first thing to remember is cook for the season. Spring is the perfect time for cool, crisp and refreshing treats and fresh fruit and veg. I’d always encourage people to make the most of your local larder, which can be hard in London, with its array of variety, flavours and nationalities (let alone limited greenery and pasture to harvest food). Getting married in spring allows you to enjoy and theme your dinner with the season – this means you can go one of two ways with the texture and flavour of your menu, cool and light or rich and warm.

Developing the menu for your wedding party is the fun part – it’s the time to get creative, and, best of all, test lots of amazing food and wine.

Couples have different tastes, and so do guests, which is why it’s important to consider vegetarian and dietary options. Salads offer a nice light start with Waldorf salad, roquefort and pickled grapes being a particularly popular choice, but a great spring alternative is cold seasonal soup like Gazpacho. This acts as a great palate cleanser and appetite stimulant, while still ensuring your guests have room for the main course.

Make your main the stand out course with a whole Crispy duck – keep it seasonal and serve alongside champ, cavolo nero, braised pine nuts, toasted citrus crumb and a brioche sauce. If you aren’t wanting a meat course then a fresh fish dish is the perfect substitute; such as Pumpkin seed crusted sea trout, with brown shrimp, crushed new potatoes, tender stem broccoli and a savoy cabbage puree with sweetened lemon and seaweed dressing.

Any vegetarian options shouldn’t fail in comparison either, where possible I encourage couples to experiment with ingredients; the flavour is in the quality of produce so however simple a dish it’s important to choose quality over quantity – one of my favourite dishes that stands out during the spring is beetroot gnocchi with roasted cauliflower, spinach, vegetarian parmesan crumble, fried avocado chips and a ricotta sauce.

Spring is the beginning of a new food cycle and as such it’s a good idea to switch out the preserved and pickled foods of winter for fresh produce. We are still spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh fruits, particularly apricot, blueberry, currents and cherries, so dessert should be light and enticing, especially when it’ll be followed by cake and dancing! One of my favourite spring desserts is black pepper crème caramel with apricots, spiced brioche croutons, toasted and burnt meringues, finished with a dollop of fresh apricot ice cream.

By getting the best out of the season you’ll take your wedding dinner to the next level, in sight, smell and taste – the triple whammy.

Have the wedding of your dreams with Proposal

It’s the season of love and if you were lucky enough to get engaged this Valentine’s Day then we know you’ll be eager to get started and begin planning the wedding of your dreams.

At The Brewery, we are delighted to be the wedding location of choice for so many couples every year and this extensive experience means that we understand how to make your day as special as can be.

However, if you have just got engaged then your wedding day can seem quite far off still, with what can feel like mountains of work to do in order to get there. Here are our top tips of what to consider first.

Where you will get married

Determining where you will tie the knot is important and should be one of the first decisions you make. Start by considering what type of wedding you want to have – do you want a church wedding, registry office or perhaps a destination wedding? The possibilities are endless, but once you have narrowed down what you are after, the rest of the planning all works towards this decision.

At The Brewery, we have a wedding licence, so you can have the ceremony and reception in the same stunning building. Adjacent to the venue is the luxurious Montcalm London City hotel – perfect for you, the happy couple, and your guests. The advantage of doing this is that you don’t then have to organise any transport for either yourselves or your guests, which can save you a lot of money and make the day run smoother.

We have a choice of rooms for you to hold your ceremony in, each one with its own unique history to add a little something extra to your day. The rooms also differ in terms of capacity, so if you want a small intimate ceremony with only a few friends and family present we would suggest our ‘James Watt’ room which holds up to 80 people. Alternatively, for a wedding extravaganza, we have ‘The Porter Tun’ which can hold up to 800 guests.

We’ve also hosted culturally diverse weddings from Asian, Jewish and Greek communities so whatever it is you are after we are likely to have the space for you.

Decide when you will get married

Again, this decision will be unique to you and your circumstances and the type of wedding you have always wanted. If you love the idea of enjoying al fresco drinks after the ceremony out in the garden, then a summer wedding is ideal or if you fancy having a big party for your reception why not consider a Christmas wedding and jump onto the festive spirit?

Don’t forget to consider people you want to invite – for some, the date you choose will be the difference between them attending and having to decline. If several guests have school age children or work as teachers, then a wedding in the school holidays is going to be much easier for them. Once you know the date have a chat with us and we will get you booked in. It’s true that some people book their wedding years in advance, but if you want to get married in the next few months, don’t let that put you off. Give us a call and we will be happy to check what we have available.

Save the date

If you intend to hold your wedding in the next 12 months, it is important to let those guests you really want to be there know the date and venue as soon as possible. If people will be travelling to your wedding from abroad, this will give them plenty of time to book flights. It also prevents your guests from booking their holidays for the same date.

If you are recently engaged, then congratulations! Here at The Brewery we would love to be a part of your special day, so to find out more about what we can provide, visit our dedicated wedding website The Proposal and call us today to arrange a visit.

Hundreds enjoy our Knowledge Guild event

Knowledge Guild even - The Brewery

Our latest Knowledge Guild event was a great success on Monday as our attendees enjoyed an evening of inspirational talks.

Run in conjunction with the Speaker’s Corner, and entitled ‘The Path to Achievement: Extraordinary Lives’, guests heard from three people who have achieved extraordinary feats.

Hosted by TV presenter Clive Anderson, our speakers included Miles Hilton-Barber, an amazing man who having lost his sight in his early 20’s has since gone on to sledge across Antarctica, running ultramarathons through the Sahara and climbing 17,500 feet into the Himalayas. Miles told the crowd: “Everyone has two lives, you start the second one as soon as you realise you only have one.”

Next we heard from Cathy O’Dowd, who was the world’s first woman to climb Mount Everest from both the North and South sides. Speaking about her amazing adventures, Cathy told the assembled crowd “It takes a crisis to realise how bad your plan was” and that “when taking a new path, keep the objective in sight but be flexible with your plan.”

Finally, we heard from Liz Johnson. Liz was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three, yet overcame her challenges to become a Paralympic swimming champion, getting a gold medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing.

Liz said: “A weakness doesn’t define who you are but shapes who you are going to be.”

This is just a small flavour of what was an amazing night but to find out more search the event’s hashtag #knowledgeguild on Twitter.

We regularly host these events with the Speaker’s Corner so be sure to check back for details of the next event.

Join us for an extraordinary evening

Knowledge Guild even - The Brewery

Our next Knowledge Guild event is taking place on Monday 6th February 2017 and to inspire you for the year ahead we are talking extraordinary lives.

Run in conjunction with the Speaker’s Corner, we have put together a panel of motivational speakers who will tell us how they progressed from humble beginnings to achieve amazing things.

The Path to Achievement: Extraordinary Lives event will begin at 6:15 PM at The Brewery with a drinks reception before the talk begins at 7.15pm.


Knowledge Guild Event, The Brewery


Our speakers are:


Miles Hilton-Barber – Sledging across Antarctica, running ultramarathons through the Sahara and climbing 17,500 feet into the Himalayas are just the tip of the iceberg with Miles Hilton-Barber. The adrenaline junkie leaves no stone unturned and no mountain unclimbed.

Did we mention that he lost his sight in his early 20s? A champion of not letting the past determine your future, Miles’s stirring story helps us all to recognise the fragility of life as we know it. Poignant and heart-felt, Miles’s ability to overcome adversity is positively infectious, spurring any individual to dream big and conquer their own mountain peaks.

Cathy O’Dowd – Cathy was the world’s first woman to climb Mount Everest from both the North and South sides. Despite surviving life-threatening storms, treacherous avalanches and critical food shortages, Cathy maintains that the biggest challenge to any mountaineer is team communication.

An expert in self-motivation and challenge accomplishment, Cathy’s incredible tale of leadership and risk assessment leaves her audience on the edge of their seats, as she draws comparisons between the soaring peaks of Everest and the sky-scrapers of the corporate world.

Liz Johnson – After being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three, Liz Johnson was introduced to swimming to help with her neurological condition. Falling in love with the sport, at just 14 she rose to a national level and by 2008 she had fulfilled a lifetime ambition of becoming a Paralympic champion, despite her mother passing away during the Games.

With a home medal under her belt from the 2012 Games and a spot as a Paralympic pundit in Rio 2016, not to mention an accounting degree too, Liz’s unstoppable enthusiasm, energy and resilience is undeniably inspirational.

To book your place at this inspiring event, contact us today or if you are unable to attend you can follow the conversation online using #KnowledgeGuild.