Wedding trends for 2020

Did your other half pop the question over the festive break? If you said “YES” this Christmas or New Year and are looking for 2020 wedding planning inspiration, look no further.

The start of a new decade brings with it an exciting abundance of wedding trends and predictions for the year ahead.

Here, our expert wedding planners discuss the top wedding trends of 2020 that you can tap into to inspire your big day.

Rich colour schemes

2020 is set to see a selection of rich shades appearing throughout wedding colour schemes. Rose gold will remain a firm favourite throughout the year, but adding a darker wine shade to your colour palette will transform this summer shade into a vibrant autumnal combination. No matter your vision, rose gold can suit any season when teamed with a complimentary shade or used as a standalone colour.

If you are looking to create a vintage-themed wedding, earthy shades such as forest green and grey create a richly styled vintage palette.

Say ‘I Do’ to sustainable stylings

With sustainability and environmental impact remaining at the forefront of consumer consciousness, environmentally-friendly weddings are set to gain even more popularity in 2020.

From meatless menus to reusing daytime bouquets for evening flowers, there are countless eco-friendly wedding trends to consider this year.

Savvy sustainable stylings such as using recycled paper for invites and menus, as well as crafting centrepieces that double up as favours, adopting this approach will help the environment and be kinder to your wedding wallet.

Discover The Brewery’s approach to sustainability and the many initiatives we have in place in our blog: Sustainability at The Brewery: how we do it.

Going ‘au naturel’

Despite the rise of bold colour palettes dominating the big day, the trend in hair and makeup is for more a more natural look in 2020. This could include delicately luminous skin, soft shades of eyeshadow and nude lips – all set to prove popular with brides this season.

As well as a natural and understated make up look, brides are set to let the ‘dress do the talking’, with natural make up paving the way for beautiful gowns to carry the bride’s desired look.

Close attention to detail

Regardless of what time your wedding celebrations will start, your nuptials can be a long day for your guests. After hours of celebrating and tearing up the dancefloor, it is likely that your friends and family will be in need of a refuel.

Why not go the extra mile and provide them with snack packs to take home? Close attention to detail will not only keep hunger at bay but will also keep your guests and their stomachs happy.

Get even more inspired by those all-important details by reading our blog: Creating an instagrammable event.

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If you have recently got engaged and are looking for the idyllic wedding venue for your big day, contact The Brewery today.

Milena, our wedding manager, will help you to create a celebration as unique and individual as you and your partner. With six event spaces, a delicious selection of food and delicious drinks, we will help you create a celebration that you and your guests will never forget.

Congratulations on your engagement and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Brewery launches ‘Forward Thinking’ wine range

Forward thinking wines

As part of their green commitments, The Brewery has unveiled a selection of ‘Forward Thinking’ sustainable wines that love and look after the planet, celebrate female winemakers and are vegan friendly. The list is accessible now and will be available to guests throughout the venue.

The menu was inspired and tested by The Brewery’s in-house sommeliers and culinary team who are committed to investing and mobilising more climate-friendly solutions. The exclusive ‘vin’ list features a handpicked range of organic sparkling wines, as well as white and red grapes that are grown without any chemical input and travel from winery to wine cellar with a neutral carbon emission. The selection gives recognition for female winemakers and their skills and creativity for exploring exciting new flavours against the backdrop of a male-dominated industry.

The next generation line-up will further enhance The Brewery’s wine credentials; each option on the list will be a refreshing companion to the venue’s culinary creations, each carefully selected to enhance the tasting notes and dining experiences within the Grade-II listed venue. 

Wine being served

The demands for plant-based diets and vegan/ socially aware lifestyles inspired the new wine selection, which are free from albumin, gelatine, isinglass and casein.

Will Irvine, beverage manager at The Brewery comments: “We are passionate about wines; we also love to break the mould and celebrate the next generation of forward-thinkers. This list not only celebrates wine, but it is hugely important to us as we are committed to a sustainable future for our venue, while also helping an exciting new generation of creative, ethical producers thrive in a busy and exciting events market. We want our guests to be as invested in the production of our food and drink as we are, so we’re extremely passionate about and excited for people to try this menu.”

wine being served

Located close to Moorgate, Barbican and Liverpool Pool Street station, The Brewery is a tranquil oasis in the heart of the bustling East End.   

Sustainability at The Brewery: how we do it

Here at The Brewery, we pride ourselves on our considered approach to sustainability and the constant steps we make to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious.

It is crucial that individuals and businesses alike make the decision to be more eco-conscious and, in doing so, take vital steps to help safeguard the environment.

From energy and water conservation to minimising waste, we explore our approach to sustainability and the many initiatives we have in place.

Energy consumption

When it comes to energy consumption, the team is committed to reducing this as much as we possibly can throughout the day-to-day running of The Brewery:

Lights, power and HVAC

We reduce the lights, power and HVAC during set-ups, de-rigs and when rooms are not in use. Our staff inspect the venue to ensure this is done and report on it daily. The lights and HVAC are also adjusted on a day-by-day basis, depending on the season, type of events and number of guests per room.

Electric hand dryers

We have installed several electric hand dryers in most of our public washrooms and are currently in the process of finalising the installation of the last one this year.

Light fixtures

Most of our light fixtures have been adapted to use LED lamps or low-energy lamps.

‘No idling’ zone

We enforce a “no idling” zone in our loading bay, as well as having appropriate signage to remind all drivers to turn off their engines when they arrive at The Brewery.

Renewable energy sources

Our energy is sourced from renewable sources. We have replaced a lot of our light fittings with LED fittings and motion sensors, and this is set to continue as we upgrade areas throughout our venue.

Water conservation

There are several ways that we continually address water conservation at The Brewery:

Toilet cisterns

Each of our toilet cisterns have either low-flow or dual flush systems installed and the urinals have sensors installed.

Automatic taps

We save water by installing automatic taps in the newly refurbished washrooms. This effort is set to continue as we upgrade facilities in the future.


We offer still and sparkling drinking water in large containers or glass bottles, filled from our tap water filter system.

Water meters

We have water meters installed and are more than happy to provide data on building water use if requested.

Waste minimisation

Here at The Brewery, we strive to minimise waste in several significant ways:

Waste disposal
We do not send any waste to landfill. Waste that cannot be recycled is taken by waste carrier and converted into energy.

We recycle glass, tins, plastic, cardboard, paper, food waste, cooking oil, electronic waste, hazardous waste and toner cartridges.

Staff are trained to separate waste at source and to recycle and reuse when possible.

Charitable donations
We donate surplus items left over from events to charities and local primary schools or reuse them in-house if appropriate, such as notepads, pen etc.

Single use plastics

Compostable items

We have moved away from many single use plastic items and we now offer a fully compostable range of disposable ware for events and in our staff canteen. This includes straws, water cups, coffee cups and lids, food boxes, napkins and cutlery.

Biodegradable confetti

We ask of clients that, should they want to use confetti in their events, this is strictly biodegradable.

Making steps with suppliers

There are items of single use plastic that, sadly, do not have a suitable alternative in non-plastic materials, such as cable ties, but we will work with suppliers to move away from these and other items as soon as alternatives become available.

Other significant practises and policies

Charity involvement

Every year, we partner with different charities either by fundraising or having staff to volunteer with them.


We have been receiving a Gold Award Certificate for Clean City Awards from City of London for the last four years. This Scheme has promoted and rewarded best practice in waste management by City of London businesses with regards to duty of care, separation of waste, increasing recycling rates, waste reduction and reuse initiatives.


We also provide facilities and services that meet accessible requirements and labour practices that guarantee fair and equitable treatment of staff in a safe work environment.

Staff wellness

We have bike racks in our courtyard and encourage our staff to bike to work.


We have achieved a “Sustainable Events Management Systems” accreditation standard: ISO20121:2012 in 2013 and have been recertified in 2016 and 2019.

Food orders

Our chefs order food in a very efficient way from our suppliers to ensure there is very little waste at the end of each event.


Our breakfast tea is “Rainforest Alliance” certified and our herbal teas come from the Brew Tea Co. which is a Certified B Corporation, a new type of company that uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. Their bags are also 100% plastic-free and compostable. We are liaising with our suppliers to ensure more of our food produce is sustainable.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about our array of sustainable initiatives, contact The Brewery today.

Our team of experts will be more than happy to discuss our unique venue, your requirements and our eco-friendly approach with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Conference trends of 2020

2020 conference venueHere at The Brewery, we pride ourselves on being a superior conference venue. Oozing heritage, an array of spaces, a superb location and state-of-the-art facilities, The Brewery is the ultimate conference and meeting venue.

Our dedicated team of event managers take your requirements and preferences, and craft them into a completely unique and tailored conference for you and your colleagues.

But with a constantly evolving, ever-changing conference landscape, what is in store for conferences and meetings for the upcoming year?

Our expert event planners explore the top three conference trend predictions for 2020.


While sustainability and being environmentally conscious is not a ‘trend’, it is a crucial message that is set to continue to be a key focus throughout conferences in 2020.

As organisations continue to explore initiatives to lessen the impact on the environment, this is set to broaden in 2020 to include other factors, including reducing food waste.

Reducing single-use plastics was a key in 2019, seeing conference organisers provide attendees with reusable, washable glasses, e-invites and encouraging attendees to bring their own reusable bottles and coffee cups.

2020 is set to witness to push to reduce the amount of food waste that occurs during and following a conference.

For more information on The Brewery’s sustainability initiatives, read our blog: Sustainability at The Brewery.


The growing and positive focus on the mindfulness of employees is set to continue within the conference and meeting space throughout 2020.

Employers are set to take even more responsibility in looking after their teams and ensuring their health and wellbeing is looked after.

From sourcing local and fresh produce to consume during conferences, to a shift towards activity-based mindful meetings, the conference space will play host to a further focus on the wellbeing of staff and the creation of happier, healthier teams.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The influence, power, and popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is unquestionable. We have already witnessed this innovative technology being adopted across countless sectors, including hospitality, and it is set to impact upon events, conferences and meetings during 2020.

From event registrations being handled through apps, to increases in tailored personalisation based on machine learning, AI and big data is set to continue to transform the conference space throughout the year.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about how we can cater for your unique conference or meeting, contact The Brewery today.

Our team of experts will be more than happy to discuss our unique venue, your requirements and our approach to conferences and meetings with you.

Creating an Instagrammable event

The perfect event for InstagramInstagram, with its unquestionable popularity and influence, has shaken the social media world since its launch back in 2010.

And with one billion active monthly users reached in June 2018, it is clear to see why this social media platform continues to take the globe by storm.

So, when it comes to showcasing your event on ‘the gram’, make sure you get it spot on with our top three handy tips to creating the very best Instagrammable event.


When it comes to attracting likes, engagement and positive sentiments on Instagram, one of the key elements of making your images stand out is colour.

It isn’t enough to post any sort of image, but one that pops and jumps off the page (or screen) is crucial for Insta.

There are countless colourful elements to consider when it comes to creating your Instagrammable event, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Bright backdrops and styling
  • Clothing
  • Food and drinks choices
  • Table settings and decorations
  • Place cards/favours
  • Table plan
  • Event decorations (balloons, bubbles, confetti)

A colour-filled event jam-packed with vibrant tones and interesting striking details will set your occasion out from the crowd and get your event out there in the social media space.

Contact The Brewery event experts to discuss your unique ideas, preferences and requirements and how we will add that all-important splash of colour to your event.


Nothing screams Instagram more than that token foodie shot. But the key to capturing it comes down to the choice and quality of the food and drinks available.

At The Brewery, our expert team of chefs live and breathe culinary flair. Our passion for excellence is clear, with a host of delicious food and drink on offer to all our guests.

Driven by the recognition that food is one of the most crucial aspects of your event, our chefs pay attention to creating cuisine that stands out for its taste and quality.

Is your palette tempted by something in particular? Our chefs will work with you to create a menu specifically tailored to your event requirements. So, whether you’re after a canape close up, starter snaps or mouth-watering main dish boomerangs, we’ll design a bespoke menu to suit your taste buds and your social media vision.


Creating a themed event immediately creates Insta-appeal, and a themed event is something our passionate team live for.

From centrepieces to flowers, staging to lighting, costumes to cabaret, when it comes to The Brewery, you have the ultimate canvas to shape your themed event. Set among sheer historical charm and jaw dropping character, let The Brewery realise your wildest imagination and create a themed event that will be the envy of your Insta following.

From summer parties to Christmas extravaganzas to everything in between, our themed events truly are a sight to behold.

Our team of experts create a unique themed event each year, from Golden Palm Las Vegas to this year’s Goodnight Cabaret theme, each Christmas is nothing short of spectacular. With six event spaces, a delicious selection of food and delicious drinks, we’ll help you mark Christmas or any other event in true style.

The new theme for Christmas 2020 will be Chiswell High Senior prom, with the prom theme being Enchantment under the ocean.

Click here to make a booking or find out more.

Your next event at The Brewery

If you are looking to host your own Instagram-worthy event at the perfect venue, contact The Brewery today.

Our team of experts will create a superb event completely tailored to your requirements. With six event spaces, a delicious selection of food and delicious drinks, we’ll help you create an event all your followers will remember. Click here to make a booking.

Chef’s festive favourites: tofu and beetroot Wellington from Andrew O’Connor

The festive season is well and truly upon us, with twinkling fairy lights, baubles and the familiar scent of mulled wine sweeping across the nation.

With its delicious combination of succulent filling, flaky pastry and warming trimmings, the much-loved Wellington makes for perfect culinary fayre this festive season.

If you are looking to wow guests with your cooking wizardry this season, but need a helping hand, The Brewery has you covered.

Our Executive Chef, Andrew O’Connor, has compiled an easy to follow recipe for you to create a mouth-watering vegetarian version of this dish in your own home.

You can even download the recipe, as we have no doubt this will become a dish you will want to add to your festive repertoire each year!

Tofu and beetroot Wellington from Andrew O’Connor

A mouth-watering festive favourite


Download the recipe card here

The Brewery Christmas recipe card

If you are looking for more culinary inspiration, why not book a Christmas party in 2020 at The Brewery? Delight in the very best bespoke cuisine created by our talented chefs and enjoy spectacular themed events with your closest friends, right in the heart of London.

Click here to find out more or use our enquiry form to discuss next year’s Christmas party booking with our expert team.

Christmas in London

Red bauble at ChristmasIt’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better place to enjoy the festivities than in the bustling hub of the nation’s capital?

Here at The Brewery, our love of London lasts all year through, but when it comes to festive fun, you are spoilt for choice.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite seasonal activities to help you make the absolute most of what the capital has to offer this Christmas.

Winter Wonderland

Get wrapped up and head to Hyde Park for a true festive spectacular. Opening on 21st November, this year’s event is brimming with new attractions for the whole family including:

The world’s tallest Observation Wheel

‘A Christmas Carol’ theme at the Magical Ice Kingdom

Seasonal ride pass

Paddington on ice

New comics at the Winter Wonderland Comedy Club

Showcase your skating skills on the UK’s largest open-air ice rink and enjoy a leisurely visit by day.  Watch Hyde Park transform by night into a glittering spectacle, the perfect setting for sipping on festive drinks and enjoying the atmosphere with friends.

Find out more and book attraction tickets here.

Christmas shopping

Christmas in London wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the many department stores the city has to offer.

The festively decorated shop windows of Harrods, Selfridges and Fortnum & Mason look Christmas card perfect, while many have delightful Santa’s grottos inside them, making them well worth a festive visit.

You never know, you may even spot that perfect piece of clothing to show off on Christmas Day or to make an entrance with on New Year’s Eve.

Syon Park’s Enchanted Woodland 2019

What could make for a more romantic festive experience than a visit to this year’s winter Enchanted Woodland event at Syon Park?

Now in its 14th year, enjoy a truly magical spectacle as the woodland surrounding the West London manor house is transformed by light.

Witness lasers, strobe and flood lights in a rainbow of colours illuminating the historic arboretum, enjoy the mile-long romantic trail and visit the picturesque ornamental lake.

Christmas in London surrounded by splashes of mesmerising colourful light – perfect.

Christmas markets

If you’re a sucker for a mince pie and swig of mulled wine, a visit to London’s Christmas markets are an absolute must.

The capital boasts an array of pop up festive markets that guarantee an enjoyable wintry experience. Grab those gloves, your favourite Christmas jumper and enjoy Christmas in London – market style and visit:

Leicester Square

Kingston Christmas Market

Hampstead Village Christmas Fair

Belgravia Christmas Sunday (December 1st only)

Southbank Centre’s Winter Market

Get your skates on

Re-enact your favourite festive movie scene and take to London’s jaw dropping ice rinks this season. Christmas in London wouldn’t be complete without getting your skates on and attempting your best figure skating moves.

There are a host of pretty pop up ice rinks at locations across the city, including:

The Natural History Museum

Canary Wharf

Somerset House

Hampton Court Palace

Many venues are open from October through to February, so you’ll have plenty of time to practice your pirouettes!

Enchanted Eltham 2019
Be truly bewildered by the winter lights trail at this year’s Enchanted Eltham Palace. The exquisite grounds will be transformed into a true spectacle, with the beautiful grounds lit with thousands of stunning fairy lights.

Enjoy a delicious festive hot chocolate or mulled wine and watch in awe at the light spectacular this Christmas.

Christmas parties at The Brewery

If you are keen to head to London and host your own 2020 Christmas celebration, contact The Brewery today.

Our team of experts create a unique themed event each year, from Golden Palm Las Vegas to this year’s Goodnight Cabaret theme, each Christmas is nothing short of spectacular. With six event spaces, a delicious selection of food and delicious drinks, we’ll help you mark Christmas 2020 in true style. Click here to make a booking.

Why London is the best city in the world to see in the New Year

London – the nation’s capital, an eclectic hive of activity, brimming with culture and excitement. And, of course, a true spectacle on the global stage when it comes to ringing in the New Year.

Boasting heritage, charm and an all-year-round buzz, there’s always something to see and do in this bustling city, and when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations, you are spoilt for choice.

See in 2020 with a bang, chant Auld Lang Syne in spectacular style and discover the best spots to welcome the New Year in iconic London.

London fireworks display

The Shard

Get your New Year off to a flying start by ringing in 2020 from the very top of London’s tallest structure, The Shard. Towering over the city, The View at The Shard boasts spectacular panoramic views over London’s skyline and offers the chance to witness the capital’s firework spectacular surrounded by sheer sophistication.

Party the night away and indulge in ultimate glamour by sipping on a flute of champagne as Big Ben strikes midnight. Don’t miss the chance to see in 2021 on top of the world for a once in a lifetime celebration.


Wave goodbye to 2019 and enjoy spectacular views, luxury cuisine and delicious cocktails in one of London’s iconic hotspots on the South Bank.

Enjoy an indulgent five-course meal, followed by a glass of champagne on the Royal Festival Hall’s terrace – the ultimate spot to witness the stunning midnight fireworks display.

Dance into 2020 with live entertainment, a five-piece band and DJ. What better spot to welcome the New Year?

Ace Hotel

Witness London’s illuminated skyline from the comfort of the Ace Hotel’s chic rooftop restaurant. The Breakfast Can Wait New Year’s Eve event includes a welcome drink, a three-course dinner and an after party taking place across two rooms until 3am.

Toast to 2020 and enjoy London’s famous fireworks sipping on bubbly in this bustling cosmopolitan setting.

Radio Rooftop

Chic and sophisticated, the ME London Hotel’s swanky open-air bar, Radio Rooftop, is hosting a New Year bash to remember.

Promising to deliver stunning views of the midnight fireworks from across the river, this is a great spot to nibble on luxury canapes, enjoy DJ tunes and party into 2020 in sheer decadence.

Parliament Hill

Looking for something laid back and away from the city’s hustle and bustle? Parliament Hill offers a perfect location to witness the official New Year’s Eve fireworks by the London Eye, as well as other displays illuminating the city. Enjoy breathtaking views without the crowds associated with some of the official London parties.

Sip on some fizz and be in awe of London’s illuminated sky and enjoy the stunning view this New Year’s Eve.

Alexandra Palace

If you’re up for the challenge of climbing Alexandra Palace’s hill, the spectacular view of the city skyline is a visual feast of a reward. Be enchanted by witnessing the firework displays the city has to offer from the top of the hill and enjoy a magical New Year’s Eve amongst stunning scenery.

Stunning events in London at The Brewery

So that’s New Year’s Eve 2019 in London taken care of, but if you are looking to host your own event, wedding, conference, fashion show or product launch in London and are in pursuit of the perfect venue, contact The Brewery today.

Our team of experts will create a perfect event completely tailored to your requirements. With six event spaces, a delicious selection of food and delicious drinks, we’ll help you plan the perfect occasion, whatever you’re imagining. Click here to get in touch.

What to serve at a daytime wedding reception

More couples than ever before are getting married during the day and extending their celebrations way into the evening. After all, as one of the biggest days of your life, it’s certainly worthy of a big celebration.

However, many couples struggle to know what to serve at daytime wedding receptions. This is because they don’t want their guests full, tired and unable to enjoy the evening entertainment, nor do they want them too worse for wear too soon!

From menu choices through to drink choices, we have you covered. So, if you’re struggling with your daytime wedding reception plans, you have certainly landed in the right place.

Prosecco tray served at weddings

Cocktail hour stations

When it comes to planning a wedding today, there are no rules. An increasing number of couples are becoming more adventurous and stepping away from the norm when wedding planning.

A great way to introduce light drinking into the day’s celebrations is to set cocktail hour stations where your guests can enjoy their favourite tipple. Prosecco trucks are also becoming increasingly popular.

All about the canapés

If you are having an evening meal later in the evening, it’s important that you keep any rumbling tummies at bay during the day. Wedding celebrations can go on all day and night.

Canapes served at weddings

Say, I brew!

Everyone loves to celebrate with their favourite pint and it’s becoming more and more popular for couples planning their wedding to serve a whole host of craft beers on their special day. You could even have a special craft beer bar at your reception.

Pop up food outlets

If you’re looking to add a fun dimension to your wedding celebrations, incorporating pop-up food outlets is a great way to offer your guests unique choices with novelty appeal as well as great quality food.

We provide a range of street food options including traditional burgers, maple glazed hot dogs, homemade nachos and delicious tacos. There really are lots of ways to mix up your wedding menu when it comes to pop-up food outlets.

The traditional three course meal

Just because you are getting married during the day, doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy a traditional three course meal.

The majority of wedding venues offer extensive menu choices and are able to accommodate a range of dietary requirements.

Food and drink is a huge part of any wedding celebration, so always make sure you do your research and get more than one quote when choosing your wedding menu and drinks menu.

Dessert served at weddings

If you would like to find out more about making your dream wedding a reality at The Brewery – including a day of food and drink to savour –  our team of passionate experts are on hand with the help and support required to help shape your special day. Contact us today or discover more.

The Knowledge Guild – How To Prepare For Unprecedented Change

Will they or won’t they? The saga that is Brexit finally reached The Brewery last night, for a hotly tipped debate between four leading broadcasters, journalists and economists who discussed the trials and tribulations of the UK’s current political landscape in front of a live audience.

Yesterday’s installment (28 October) of The Knowledge Guild – our discussion series with Speaker’s Corner – even coined a new term, ‘Brexstay’, and welcomed the introduction of ‘Flextension’.

But as the country prepares for unprecedented change, the 80 guests in attendance saw poised introductions from speakers Declan Curry, freelance journalist, news presenter and businessman; Sonia Sodha, chief leader writer at the Observer, and deputy opinion editor at the Guardian; and Tim Marshall journalist, author and broadcaster, who between them looked at what Brexit means for the economy and society; from whether we’re facing a new financial crisis, civil unrest across the globe, the rise of AI and demands to change the way we work, to the impending general election and Britain’s global reputation. Who says you can’t achieve a lot in a short space of time…?   

Knowledge Guild speaker in the Smeaton Vaults

The evenings master of ceremonies, BBC journalist, Christian Fraser later brought the speakers together for an engaging Q&A, with live audience participation and questions delivered through the Glisser app system, which brought the evening’s debate to a rounded close (or as close to a conclusion as you can when discussing Brexit).     

With the clocks having gone back at the weekend, the evening was an opportunity for guests to also sample some winter dishes from our new Christmas standing menu, which featured:

  • Vegan to-fish, chips, wally, pea puree and tartar
  • Sticky beef crumpets, chive and currants
  • Pie, mash, liquor and malt vinegar
  • Jaffa cake  stacks

While we couldn’t solve the Brexit puzzle in one sitting, Knowledge Guild once again turned into a night of intrigue, conversation and feasting, which is pretty good for a cold Monday evening.