15 Great Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate funding involves gathering financial support from commercial companies and is a great way for charities to secure funds for their causes.

In fact, for many charities, this is one of the best ways to fund their work. A solid corporate partnership can be beneficial for the companies too, helping them to build credibility, improve corporate social responsibility (CSR) and show they’re committed to making a difference in their communities.

Corporate vs charity fundraising ideas

One of the main differences between corporate fundraising and charity fundraising is that corporate funding is raised by a business and then donated to a charity, whereas charity fundraising directly funds the charitable organisation that is raising the money.

If you’re planning a corporate fundraising event to raise money for a great cause, here are our top 15 corporate funding ideas:

1. Bingo

Everyone loves a game of bingo, right? Initiating a bingo tournament is a great way to get the ball rolling and raise those all-important funds.

Simply set the date, plan the event and ask for a donation to be made for each bingo card. You’ll also need to line up a charismatic caller and prizes – make them small but exciting and you’ll be onto a winner.

Bingo numbers

2. Sports day

Competitive sporting events are always a hit in any office environment. They’re great for boosting morale and igniting that all important competitive spirit amongst your workforce.

From football and tennis tournaments, through to tug of war and rounders, there are lots of games that your staff will love getting involved in. How can you raise funds? Just ask those that want to be involved to pledge a donation. You can also raise money on the day of the event by selling refreshments, holding stalls, etc.

Employees at the start line on sports day

3. Silent auction

There’s nothing like a live auction to get the heart racing. Silent auctions are a great way to auction off wholesale and interesting items to bring in the bids.

If you’re planning an auction, you should make sure its lively, exciting and most importantly, features items that people will actually want to buy. This way, you’ll raise optimum funds. Try asking your business network for donations of products, services, or even their time to be auctioned off on the night.

Hands up for silent auction bidding

4. Karaoke night

Not many people can resist a good karaoke night. A guilty pleasure for many, there’s just something about shrugging off your inhibitions, getting behind the mic and belting out your favourite song.

And for a fee, a fun karaoke competition within your company is a sure-fire way to raise funds. Karaoke nights are also super easy to arrange, and you can generate additional funds through food and drink.

Microphone for karaoke

5. Bowling tournament

Bowling is an activity that almost everyone can get involved in and is a great way to initiate some healthy competition in the workplace.

Ask people to donate before they sign up to play and offer a prize for the winner. You could even make it a regular event with a bowling league, with players paying to join.

10 pin bowling lane ready

6. Company concert

Almost every company has a musical genius working under their roof or a secretly talented singer in their midst. With this in mind, why not round up the musicians in your company and host your very own concert?

Ask employees and their families to make a donation to come and watch on the night.

Company concert

7. Raffle

Raffles can be incredibly popular, especially if there’s some exciting prizes and it’s for a good cause. And prizes needn’t cost the earth either, as the hope of winning a bottle of wine, chocolate or even a gift voucher is enough to get many people reaching into their pockets.

Lottery balls for raffle

8. Casino night

Bring the bright lights of Vegas to your workplace by hosting a Vegas night where your guests can play blackjack, craps, roulette and poker, providing they make a donation.

Cards being thrown on casino table

9. Bake sale

Bake sales have long been a success when it comes to raising money for charity. Simply fill your corporate bake sale with lots of delicious sweet treats and scrumptious savoury delights and you’re sure to make a killing for your chosen charity.

Colourful cake sale cake

10. Photo competition

A great way to boost morale and raise money at the same time, a hilarious photo competition is always a laugh.

Simply ask your employees to bring a funny photo in with a caption attached. Hang them in your staff room or other communal area and ask your workforce to vote for their favourite whilst leaving a donation.

Close up of camera lens

11. Arm wrestling competition

Arm wrestling competitions are always great fun and you’re sure to generate lots of interest when it comes to putting people’s egos to the test!

There’s always a great atmosphere surrounding this type of competition as teams sweat it out to triumph. Again, a simple donation from each competitor will soon bring in the funds.

Mother and son arm wrestling

12. Car wash

Many people never get around to washing their car, so why not launch a charity car wash day in your work car park? There should be plenty of volunteers who are willing to give up their day to raise funds for a good cause.

Car being cleaned for charity fundraising

13. Coffee morning

Everyone loves a good natter and to escape their desk for an hour or two. Coffee mornings always go down a treat, especially when hot drinks and delicious cakes, pastries and sandwiches are involved.

Coffee mug on table

14. Darts match

Darts is another game that people love to get involved with. Often a game enjoyed down the local pub, it’s super easy to facilitate a game of darts in the workplace by asking for a simple donation to be involved in the game.

Dart being thown mid-flight

15. Corporate dinner

Everyone likes to escape the office, let their hair down and enjoy an evening of entertainment with their colleagues.

And hosting a corporate dinner is a great way to bring in funds, even by just asking for those attending to pay the ticket price. There are also lots of ways you can generate extra funds at a corporate dinner by initiating auctions and raffles, for example.

Korean lamb

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