How to use LinkedIn for your event

Making use of social networks when marketing your corporate event is a crucial part of gaining visibility and brand awareness from your audience online. However, one social network that is often overlooked when it comes to advertising and promotion is LinkedIn.

As the “business version of Facebook”, it would be easy to assume that using LinkedIn to promote an event would work in the same way as other platforms. However, social networks like Facebook are primarily for personal use, so may not be the most receptive channel for a corporate event. There are some features on LinkedIn that differ from other platforms that can help your event reach the right audience.

LinkedIn Logo

Use the LinkedIn groups feature

LinkedIn groups is a great resource for companies looking to foster and encourage discussion around a number of topics. If you’re planning on using LinkedIn as a platform both before and after your event, setting up an open group that’s connected to your company page can be a great way to get your attendees chatting and discussing the topics of your event both before and after it happens.

Since you can invite people to join your group, you can also use this feature to encourage users to join in your discussions and potentially gain more attendees for your event in the run-up. After the event, utilise your group even further by posting transcripts or videos of the speakers at the event or any photos that were taken.

Post promotional messages

Your LinkedIn company page is a great way to spread the word about your event since people who are interested, and in your audience, are going to be following your page for updates. Publishing a series of posts in the run-up to your event, such as announcements about speakers who will be attending your event, updates about what your event will be offering, and promotions about booking tickets and attending, will raise awareness of your event.

While it’s easy to lose posts in a cluttered daily feed, by posting multiple times during the period of time before your event, you’ll be able to increase visibility of your posts and increase the probability of more of your audience seeing them.

Reach people through direct messages

LinkedIn has three different message options to reach users; inMail, connection messages and group messages. Each can be used in their own way to reach a user, but all can work to increase marketing and visibility of your corporate event.

For users that you are already connected to, messaging them through inMail is a great way to start a conversation on the topic of your event. If you know that they’re due to attend, talk to them about the opportunities at your event. If they’re not already signed up, create a message that will promote the event and the benefits of attending.

For users who you are not already connected to, send a message about your event to accompany your invitation to connect with them. Make sure that they’re from the right industry and specialisation, otherwise they’ll think that it’s a spam message.

If you’ve already set up a group for your event, or you have a company specific group, message users in the group to advertise the event. Don’t promote it too frequently though as it could be considered irritating and may dissuade people instead of encouraging them to attend.

Add your event to the LinkedIn events app

The LinkedIn events application is a perfect way to publicise your event and invite people to attend. You can create an event listing in the LinkedIn Events application and ask people to mark whether they’re attending. Since LinkedIn identifies the industry and job titles of users, you can target certain people through inMail and reach out to them.

Making an event listing also means that your employees can publicise the event on their own personal LinkedIn accounts since the listing can be shared on their statuses. You can also share the event listing in any other groups that you are a member of.


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