Organising a successful exhibition

There are a huge number of benefits to businesses who attend a successfully run exhibition. From increasing business leads to conducting market research which informs future direction – exhibitions can be must attend places for many businesses.

However, these benefits are only really evident if the event itself is run successfully and that responsibility falls to the organisers of the exhibition itself.

If you are the one in charge, here are some top tips for ensuring your exhibition is a hit.

Start early

Needless to say but there is a huge amount of planning and organisation which goes into running a successful exhibition, particularly if you have a large number of exhibitors attending. As such one of the key things you need to do is start planning early. If you are organising an annual exhibition then you will likely be planning the following year’s event before you have even hosted this one.

Don’t underestimate the amount of time you will need, and the amount of warning you need to give to other people such as your exhibitors, and never think you are getting started too early.

Book the ideal venue

Your venue should say something about the exhibition itself, for example if you are holding an art exhibition you’ll ideally host it in a gallery or a building with some stunning architectural features.

At The Brewery we host numerous exhibitions each year across a range of different industries. We have a range of rooms providing you with a flexible and variable space for whatever purpose you need. We’re also located in an ideal location, which again is crucial if you want a high footfall at your exhibition. We’re based in the heart of the City of London, well served by both road and public transport making it an easy venue for both your exhibitors and visitors to get to.

Finally, book with us and you get a dedicated exhibition co-ordinator to handle all the venue details for you – from helping to arrange the technology and power supplies for each exhibitor to the food and drink you will offer. This assistance means you can then focus on liaising with your exhibitors.

You can read about some of the successful exhibitions we have held here at The Brewery on our case study page.

Calculate how much you need to charge your exhibitors

Exhibitors will generally be expecting you to charge one fixed price for them to be able to promote their business at your event so before you start allocating prices you need to be sure that whatever you charge will cover all your costs. This means ensuring you have quotes for everything the exhibition will need from the outset – this includes all the costs with the venue but also costs for things like marketing the event which will be crucial. Don’t leave these considerations to the end as once people have agreed to attend they are unlikely to welcome a last-minute price rise!

Create a buzz

The final key to a successful exhibition is getting people through the door because if no-one attends the businesses do not get the benefits they expected. Target your specific target audience and use all mediums of marketing to get out the details of the exhibition. When using social media, also provide marketing materials such as images and template posts for your exhibitors to use so that you can make use of their contact databases and spread your message far and wide.

If you have an exhibition that you think The Brewery could help with then get in touch today or if you have some questions about holding an exhibition our FAQ page will assist.