The Latest Corporate Event Trends in 2022

Corporate event trends are constantly emerging to suit the needs of businesses that want to stand out from the rest. There are many factors that result in a successful and memorable event – from presentations, to networking, and of course the food! With the increasing number of corporate events being held and event planners needing to deliver a unique and engaging experience, tapping into the latest trends can really help to elevate your event and give it that extra flourish.

Here are some of the hottest trends in the world of corporate events that are sure to take yours to the next level:

Trend 1: Event Transformation

event transformation trend

To provide a truly memorable event, businesses are beginning to immerse their guests into a complete ‘experience’. With the clever use of venue, décor and even technology, spaces can be completely transformed, making for an unforgettable experience. Certain to excite and engage your guests all day, and sure to get them guessing the theme of next year’s event before the day is even up, this effective event branding is a sure-fire boost for both employee spirit and guest morale.

Trend 2: Immersive Technology

Whilst the use of technology at events is nothing new, the mechanic of how audiences absorb and interact with it is as evolving as the event planning industry itself.

Corporate Guests have an awareness and expectation of how technology should meet their needs, and it is hugely important to use tech to exceed expectations at your event.

Mobile phones were once considered a distraction when it comes to events, but they can now be utilised by businesses to create an engaged guest experience. Previous yearly trends have seen Artificial Intelligence used at events to reduce time spent in queuing by using facial recognition technology.

This year, the use of chatbots is on the rise and set to increase, assisting event planners to follow up on leads and monitor responses from attendees. We predict chatbots playing an even bigger role at events throughout next year, constantly interacting with attendees and answering queries throughout the day.

Trend 3: Unique Venues

More and more companies are planning corporate events in fun and unique venues to not only guarantee a lasting impression, but also to encourage attendance. A jaw-dropping venue will not only stir interest, create an all-important positive first impression but will immediately drive attendees to become more engaged in the entire experience. 

From pop-up open spaces to transforming unexpected nooks and crannies, embracing an unexpected venue creates an immediate buzz around your event. It also serves as a valuable talking point and an opportunity to create a memorable experience for attendees, who are more likely to want to revisit your future events.

If you’re looking for a venue for your next corporate event, The Brewery has got the latest trends covered. From high-tech facilities to a vibrant and unique menu, The Brewery continues to host forward thinking events for leading brands. 

Originally developed to accommodate each stage of the brewing process, The Brewery is rich in character and full of personality, making it the perfect setting for a contemporary corporate event. A truly historic Grade II listed venue in the City of London, our 6 venue spaces combine heritage and functionality to make sure your event is both unconventional and eye-catching.

Trend 4: Exciting catering

unique catering food

There’s no denying that the demand for more exciting cuisine at corporate events is on the rise, and incorporating great food and drink into your event is a perfect opportunity to impress your guests. Not only does exciting food help to engage your attendees and get them talking, but it also plays a big part in keeping them alert and focused all day.

Choose a venue that can adapt to your needs, and customise the menu to your event. No matter how impactful your presentations may be, your guests are sure to remember great food!

Trend 5: Guest Interaction

In recent years, there’s been a shift towards unique activities at events to keep guests entertained and engaged, as well as making the attendees part of the event itself. These activities range from interactive classes and competitions, workshops and even exercise classes!

Depending on the type of event and the industry, inventive types can get their creative juices going in mixology classes and art workshops, and socially-conscious attendees may like to participate in charity fundraisers and volunteering initiatives. Working some activities into your event is a great way of increasing motivation, promoting team building– and most importantly, having fun.

Trend 6: Keynote Speakers

Nothing compares to a fresh perspective on a given topic at an event. The benefits of having a guest speaker from a different industry or organisation discussing a given topic that’s related yet different to your industry and the subjects your guests would have heard about before can spark interest and generate conversation at an event.

A fresh perspective can be a hugely beneficial source of conversation, debate, creative thinking and can lead to generating memorable ideas and this is trend that is becoming increasingly popular for corporate events.

Trend 7: Environmental Mirroring

Sustainability, together with its global trend, is set to shape future events in a number of different ways. It is important as an event planner to mirror society’s commitment for recycling and reusing, and to thoughtfully embed this into your events.

From use of recycled materials at your event to offering fair-trade food options, there are numerous ways that society’s approach to sustainability can be entwined into your event, with this important approach set to rise in 2019. You could even make a big statement and go completely plastic free at your event to truly raise awareness of society issues.

Trend 8: Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are ones which combine in person and online components together to create a mix of both for anyone around the world to attend. These types of events became hugely popular during the pandemic when large numbers of people were unable to meet in one space. Post pandemic, this corporate event trend appears to be going nowhere anytime soon with it’s added benefits of making events accessible for people to attend all over the world with virtual events popping up more and more and on demand replay videos available to catch the event at a later date online.

Not only have hybrid events become popular due to COVID-19 restrictions, but this trend could also be attributed to increasing awareness about climate change and its effects on our planet. Many businesses mindsets have shifted over the last year and now people are seeing the advantages both economically and environmentally for only choosing travel overseas if it is necessary to attend in person for an event.

Trend 9: Health and Safety

Another trend we are seeing, especially as a result of the covid pandemic is an increased concern for health and safety measures put in place at corporate event venues. It’s likely that guests who attend in person events now expect a certain level of health and safety measures to be followed and this is something event planners have had to focus heavily on over the last year. One example of this is the expectation for large events to have hand sanitiser dispensing stations in one or more areas of the venue since the pandemic which appears to be a trend staying well into the foreseeable future as way to reduce infection.

Health and safety trends have also emerged in other areas of the event planning including food, where we can expect to see individual set meals favoured over buffets in addition to an awareness of allergies/dietary requirements being taken more into consideration. Another aspect for health and safety trends will be the use of technology as contactless is encouraged and temperature screening kiosks are used pre check in.

Trend 10: Wellness

The topic of wellness has become an important employee factor for businesses to take into consideration in recent years and this is starting to reflect in corporate events. We are beginning to see a trend where businesses are focusing on putting the wellbeing of their employees into the considerations of event planning.

This trend goes well beyond a focus on healthy food options with attention recently shown towards mindfulness ideas. These include providing downtime for employees during intensive days, activities such as team yoga and management sessions that provide information about how to improve your mental wellbeing.

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