Decorating your wedding venue


One of the most important parts of your wedding day is the venue. This is the place where you’ll be spending the day celebrating your nuptials with friends and family and you want it to be perfect. If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas for how to give your venue that ‘wow-factor’, we can help. Here are five fantastic themes that can transform your venue into a stunning showpiece to complement your special day.

White wedding

If you’re looking for something timelessly traditional and understatedly classic, look no further than the traditional white wedding. However, a white wedding doesn’t have to be cliché – add your own personal touches by going all out with the decorations. Swathes of silk draped over the chairs and tables and gorgeous displays of stunning pastel flowers, especially roses, will help create that princess elegance that a white wedding should exude.

Table centres can range from candelabras filled elegant tapered candles, to vases overflowing with your chosen blooms. You can hang balloons, silks or lanterns from the ceiling to create a soft delicacy to the lighting and break up the formal lines of the venue room you choose.

With the historic refinement imbued into the venue rooms available at The Brewery, the white wedding you wish for couldn’t be more effortless to achieve; The Brewery’s rooms can fit your day like a glove.

Great Gatsby glamour

Maybe a vintage look is more up your street, so why not take inspiration from the epitome of 1920’s glamour: F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby parties. It’s an explosion of decorations, food, alcohol, music, and over-the-top entertainment; a decadent affair.

Create this extravagance with a gold and black colour scheme and touches of art deco stylisation on napkins, place name cards, and welcome signs. Pearls and feathers are a must, embodying the spirit of the carefree flapper girl and adding the energy of the 20s to your wedding day.

Why not take advantage of The Brewery’s audio-visual system to project some suitably Gatsby backdrops onto the walls of your venue room to really create that fun Prohibition-era party atmosphere!

Rustic chic

Opulence isn’t for everyone: you may be looking for something a little more down to earth and simplistic. Bring nature inside to create an enchanted grove or woodland by adding branches entwined with fairy lights to table centres, add foliage to walls and walkways to really immerse yourself in nature.

Wooden decorations provide the perfect opportunity to add a personal touch with carving and laser cutting. On the day, use your wooden props to display flowers, or to provide flip flops for tired feet.

Keep the flowers simple and sweet by sticking to wildflowers and gypsophila to create a floating cloud of fragrance through the room. If you have a venue with exposed beams, like the Porter Tun room at The Brewery, string lanterns across from them to create floating baubles and bask in their glow as you enjoy your day.

Carnival fun

Your wedding day is a day for you to really push the boat out, and that could mean theming the reception venue like either a circus, carnival, cabaret, or a mix of all three! An event like this will be one to remember and represent the fun-loving personalities of you and your new husband or wife.

Instantly transform your venue into a circus tent by hanging swathes of coloured fabric from the ceiling in a circular pattern and create a selection of sideshow entertainment stands to bring the magic and childhood fun of the carnival to your big day.

Small touches like popcorn and candyfloss machines, as well as a carnival cut-out for fun, personal photos during the event, will make the venue feel as electric as visiting a travelling circus. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, why not even have some performers join you during your day, such as clowns, contortionists or gymnasts.

After our Dream Circus, created for Christmas 2014, we at The Brewery have the experience needed to create a truly show stopping carnival of a day.


If you’d like to know more about the ways The Brewery can help you create the perfect venue for your wedding, visit our tailored wedding website The Proposal.

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