Unique wedding ideas for 2022

wedding at the brewery

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s the unique details that leave a lasting impression. Everyone wants to create a magical day that doesn’t feel like a carbon copy of every other wedding they’ve been to, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up some ways you can get creative and think outside the box…

14 wedding ideas for your special day

1. DIY confetti station

Set up a DIY confetti station where your guests can create their own unique pack of confetti to shower you with.

2. Polaroid wall

Create a station where your guests can get together and take polaroid photographs of the day and add them to a photo wall for everyone to see. You’ll then have a stack of instant, physical photos to take away with you and reminisce on in years to come.

3. Hangover kits

There’s no doubt that a few of your guests will be feeling a little worse for wear the next morning. Hand out some fun hangover kits that your guests will certainly thank you for in their time of need!

4. Playlist of song requests

When sending out your invites, ask your guests to each give you a song request that you can pass onto your DJ who can play them on the night. That way everyone is sure to enjoy a dance to their favourite song throughout the evening.

5. Create a custom stationery stamp

Using your initials as a couple, create a custom monogram stamp to add a personal touch to your wedding stationery. It could be used on everything from your invites and menus to signage and party favours. These will come in handy for thank you cards too.

6. Neon lights

Marquee lights and wooden signs are beautiful, but they often appear at wedding celebrations. If you want to be unique and a little quirky with your signage, why not opt for neon?

7. Dessert table

Who said you can only have one wedding cake? Create a table of desserts filled with your family favourites.  Ask everyone to chip in and bring a recipe that you’ve loved growing up. This way you and your guests can quite literally have their cake and eat it!

dessert table

8. Personalised wine

Create custom labels for the wine bottles on each table. You could create unique names for different wines and add your personalised stamp.

9. Themed cocktails

See if your wedding venue can work with you to create some unique cocktails with personalised names to go with your day.

themed cocktail wedding

10. Live wedding painter

Hire an artist to document your day or create fun caricature keepsakes of your guests.

11. Creative guest books

There are so many ways you can get creative with your guest book. You could ask your guests to fill in cards with your favourite memories, leave date ideas or a piece of advice for marriage.

12. Dancing shoes

After a long day of standing in heels, your guests will thank you for a chic and comfy pair of flip flops they can dance in, making sure they can enjoy the wedding day entertainment you’ve planned.

13. Photograph table numbers

Instead of giving your tables names, add a photo of you and your partner at the age of the table number. It’s a fun talking point and something quirky to make each table unique.

14. Handwritten notes

This might take some time if you have a large wedding party, but it’s a lovely idea to show each guest what they mean to you by placing a handwritten note next to their menu cards.

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