Improving your business meetings and making them work harder

An effective business meeting at a London venue

Meetings are important for effective communication and the functioning of many businesses. However, if poorly organised, they can impact your company negatively and reduce productivity.

Too many meetings lack management and preparation, leading to unproductive meetings that don’t really achieve anything. As well as reducing productivity, a badly managed meeting can also harm employee morale and teamwork.

If your business requires you to have regular meetings with clients, colleagues and stakeholders, we’ve put together some best practices and tips to help improve performance and engagement.

Tips to run an effective business meeting

1. Assess the reason for the meeting

Before you arrange a meeting, ask yourself what the purpose of it is. If the information you need to share doesn’t require a detailed conversation and can be effectively communicated via email, don’t bother. Reduce unnecessary meetings; you don’t want your employees to feel like they’re wasting their time.

2. Invite the right people

Don’t invite people to a meeting if they don’t need to be a part of the conversation or make decisions. You can always offer to send the meeting minutes for people to scan over if needed. And if important decision-makers can’t attend, consider rescheduling the time or date.

3. Send an agenda with the meeting invitation

Be clear about what the purpose of the meeting is and provide attendees with an agenda, so they know what to prepare for. People usually prefer structured meetings rather than surprise conversations that can go off on a tangent.

4. Be prepared

Consider everything you need to bring with you to the meeting, including presentations, documents, plans and reports. You should also ensure you have all of the correct equipment available to you. If you need certain equipment such as a computer, screen and cables, you need to check the venue has this before scheduling the date.

5. Create a positive company culture

Meetings should be respected and valued within your business and that should be reflected in the actions of attendees. Everyone should arrive at meetings on time and prepared. Don’t allow for latecomers or people to sit on their phones throughout the meeting. Lead with example and make sure everyone is engaged.

6. Meeting virtually? Choose the right tool

We’re all well versed in virtual meetings after lockdowns and the pandemic, but it’s important to choose the right tools for maximum engagement. You should also stick to one platform consistently, so attendees are familiar with the platform and know exactly how to use it.

7. Encourage contribution

Keep the atmosphere positive and encourage everyone to contribute. It can be beneficial to establish a leader who ensures everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts and opinions.

8. Choose the right location

When choosing your meeting venue, make sure it’s easily accessible for attendees and is appropriate for your meeting. If you want to leave a lasting impression on clients, you need to look for somewhere that is functional and comfortable with a stylish aesthetic.

9. Ask for feedback

After a meeting, ask attendees for feedback and put their recommendations into action for the next meeting. Identifying your weaknesses or critiquing something you have organised can be difficult, so feedback is a great way of understanding how the meeting went from an attendee’s perspective.

Choosing your meeting venue

Here at The Brewery, we have a range of meeting rooms in Central London with state-of-the-art facilities. With its central location in Shoreditch, London, our venue has excellent transport links for attendees, as well as a range of nearby hotels if the meeting or networking events are taking place over several days.

Our flexible meeting venue is available for small intimate gatherings, as well as larger corporate discussions with over 1,000 attendees. We can also link different rooms so you can have breakout areas around the main meeting if required.

Large meeting rooms in London at The Brewery

The King George III room at The Brewery is ideal for large meetings and can comfortably hold up to 1,200 guests. With exposed brickwork and a barrel-vaulted ceiling, this beautiful meeting space provides:

  • An integrated PA System
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Air-conditioning
  • AMBX intelligent LED lighting in thousands of potential colours that can interact with sound and images

Small meeting rooms in London at The Brewery

If you’re looking to host a more intimate meeting, the Smeaton Vaults can cater for up to 100 people. Styled with copper pipes around the walls and an original iron walkway to showcase the brewing past of this venue, this meeting space provides:

  • Built-in DB audio PA system
  • Large built-in projection area and screen
  • Air-conditioning
  • AMBX intelligent LED lighting in thousands of potential colours that can interact with sound and images
  • Fixed hanging points for additional lighting if needed.

To find out more about hosting your meeting at The Brewery and the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!