Hosting in a historic venue

When searching for a venue for your event, it can be tempting to choose something new and modern to reflect the modernity of your business. However, sometimes it can be better to consider a more historic venue when looking for the perfect setting to host your event.

Inspire and impact

Using a historic venue as the location for your event can create a lot of more of an impact with your guests than a new building, and the history and gravitas attached to the building is sure to add the ‘wow factor’. It has been said that the setting of an event can affect the impressions of the attendees, both with the combination of the material they hear on the day, and the event setting by itself. A historic venue encourages inspiration as it provides a non-sterile environment where people can listen and engage with both the speaker’s subjects, and the history of the location.

Create a sense of occasion

There’s nothing that inspires more of a reverence and a sense of profoundness than walking into a historic building, such as a castle, town hall or church. Conjure up the same attention by hosting in a historic venue. Add the right touches to tie in the event space to your business and you can use the formality of the venue to add credence to your business and the subject matters of your event.

Make the most of the venue

Unlike modern venues, where you must add to a space to make it look personalised, the best aspect of historical venues is they already come with architectural features which create a visual statement. Hosting an event at a historical location means that the event doesn’t just have a venue, the venue itself creates an experience for attendees.

Instead of simply arriving at a venue to attend a meeting, attending an event held at a historic venue creates a journey for guests, since the act of getting to the event takes the guest through the beautiful spaces of the building. This kind of event is more likely to get people talking both before and during the day, and then afterwards when they recount their experience to others.

Historic doesn’t have to mean outdated

One important point to remember when considering a historic venue as the location for your event is that, although it may be embedded with history and the past, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t modern and technologically functional. Experience the best of both worlds at The Brewery with all the fantastic features that can enhance and celebrate the historic nature of the venue, including stunning event design services and breath-taking audio visual effects.


If you’re looking to host an event in a stunning historical venue, why not check out The Brewery? With a fantastic selection of rooms dating back to the 18th-Century, and a technological and events system to modernise the space, this could be the perfect place for you to host your event.