How to choose your wedding flowers

An incredible wedding flower display

Whether you choose simple button holes, or want to decorate your entire venue with blooms, flowers will more than likely play an important part on your wedding day. Able to transform a space, add colour, or become part of a theme that runs throughout your wedding, flowers are not only a traditional part of a wedding, but can also be used in so many ways to add a touch of personality to your day.

With so many beautiful varieties of flowers and an abundance of suppliers, and of course an endless stream of images and ideas online, choosing your wedding flowers can feel like a daunting task.

Here’s our guide on picking the perfect flowers for your wedding day.

When are you getting married?

Once you have a date set for your wedding, you can start slimming down the options for your wedding flowers, as seasonal flowers will not only look better and be of better quality, but will be a lot cheaper too. If you have a florist, talk to them about the best flowers available at the time of your wedding.

For example, peonies are in season in the UK from mid-May to early July but would have to be shipped in from elsewhere if you are getting married outside of the British summertime. Likewise, hyacinths, orchids and roses can be in season in the UK throughout the winter months.

What is the theme of your wedding?

It’s important to consider the theme of your wedding before you start looking at flowers or talking to your florist, as generally your flowers should reflect the style of the day. For example, light coloured blooms mixed with lush greenery and roses would be perfect for a romantic, ‘fairytale’ wedding, whilst a mix of brights add a modern pop of colour to a more contemporary theme.

The way in which the flowers are arranged also contribute to the style and theme of the wedding. Whilst lush arrangements of big, soft blooms are romantic and whimsical, cleaner and more minimalistic arrangements appear more modern. If you’re having a formal wedding, neater and more traditional flowers would be a good choice, but a more relaxed day would call for looser arrangements that are mis-matched for a more casual look.

What’s your colour scheme?

If you’re unsure of where to start when it comes to selecting your wedding flowers, your colour scheme can be a good place to start. There are some flowers such as dahlias, carnations, roses and tulips which are available in a range of colours, whilst blooms such as peonies and hydrangeas are a bit more limited in their colour range.

Your wedding flowers don’t have to be an exact match to the rest of your décor, but you should certainly try to pick shades which will complement it. Consider the colours used throughout the wedding, from the invitations through to the table linen and bridesmaid dresses and take a few swatches or photographs with you when you meet your florist.

Simple, beautiful wedding flowers on table at The Brewery

What would work in your venue?

Your wedding venue automatically sets the tone for your big day, so choosing flowers to complement the space is a brilliant way to make sure the theme is consistent. Weddings taking place in grand venues may call for lavish arrangements of roses, orchids and flowering branches in timeless shades of white and ivory. More rustic settings, such as barns, often suit a more ‘boho’ approach, so consider a more garden-inspired look with crates of pretty, wild flowers.

Think about the characteristics of your venue, too. Beams can be decorated with vines and foliage, and if your venue has candelabras they can be adorned with blooms. If you have opted to have your ceremony in a large room with high ceilings, it’s a good idea to fill the space with large arrangements that won’t get lost, whereas ceremonies taking place in a registry office will need to be much smaller, and easy to install and take down in a short time.

If in doubt, chat to your venue about what flowers have worked well in the past, and you may get some inspiration from discussing some the weddings they have held there previously. No one will know what works best in their venue than the venue themselves, so ask them as many questions as you can before making the appointment with your florist.

Here at The Brewery, we work closely with florists at Hybrid, a London based studio with a fantastic reputation for their innovative floral design. Before creating your bespoke wedding package, our wedding planner will listen to your individual requirements and can source anything from flowers to entertainment.

With an emphasis on originality, The Brewery is located in the heart of London and boasts a range of unique and adaptable spaces, full of character and each available to host your wedding ceremony and reception. For more information about planning your big day at The Brewery, get in touch with us today.