Matching your wine to your food


As with so many things in life, a successful event is all in the detail. Arguably one of the most important things to get right to make your event successful or memorable is to ensure that your guests’ dining experience is faultless. At The Brewery, we understand the extent to which a wine can enhance your enjoyment of food and conversely, how the wrong wine can be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Our team pride themselves on their ability to recommend the perfect wine to compliment your choice of food at your event. We make it our mission to find wines that you and your guests will love and choices which will suit your menu to a tee.

In advance of your event, we’ll offer you a private tasting experience in our glass tasting room with one of our team of expert chefs. With a perfect view of the kitchen, you’ll see your food prepared and try a selection of seasonal dishes along with our recommended hand-picked old and new world wines, until you have a menu you simply can’t wait to savour.

Here we’ve gathered some of our tips for creating a food and drink menu that works in perfect harmony.


Find a crowd-pleaser

Most people will be one of two types; a white wine drinker or a red wine drinker. You may want to offer a wine of each variety that has a broad appeal and pairs well with most food, but there are a few hero wines that may be able to convert even the most die-hard red or white devotee.

Generally speaking, Sauvignon Blanc is a very popular white wine that pairs well with most foods, including salad, seafood, soft cheese, poultry and pasta. As for reds, Pinot Noir is very versatile, suiting red and white meat dishes and even salmon. Its lightness and higher acidity also means that it can appeal to white wine drinkers too. For a white wine that’ll keep your red wine drinkers happy, try a full-bodied wine aged in oak, such as Chardonnay.


Think pink

It’s not surprising that rosé is growing in popularity at events of all kinds. It pairs well with nearly everything, especially seafood, shellfish and light summery foods such as quiche and soufflé.

Rosé has the added advantage of appealing to lovers of both white and red wines, yet doesn’t have the heaviness of red and its pretty blush colour will look beautiful on your tables. When choosing a rosé, start with varieties made from your favourite red wine grape.


Mix it up

It’s completely up to you whether you serve a different wine with each of your courses, but doing so can really elevate your event’s menu. At The Brewery we can provide a meal of up to six courses, giving you the option to serve a wonderful variety of accompanying wines.

The golden rule when serving a mix is to vary the body of each wine, move from lighter bodied wines through to heavier ones with the main course. Think about the richness of the food; in general lean meats go well with lighter wines and richer food, such as red meat, cheese and creamy sauces, are well paired with highly acidic whites or reds with high tannin levels.

Finally, they say that ‘if it grows together, it goes together’, so consider serving food and wine from the same region, such as a Tuscan feast with a Chianti or a Galician fish dish with an Albariño.

If this has got your mouth watering, download our Food and Drink brochure and contact us today to find out how we can find the perfect pairings for your next event.