The cocktails you should be serving at your New Year’s Eve party

Excellent cocktails served at The Brewery

New Year’s Eve is the time to celebrate the end of the year – whether that’s for good or bad reasons – and there’s no better way to celebrate than with some good friends and good cocktails. If you’re looking for some cocktail inspiration for your New Year’s Eve party, take a look at the one’s we’ve shared below – there should be something for everyone!

The Happy New Year

This appropriately named cocktail is a classic for anyone who loves customising their bubbly. It’s wonderfully simple, consisting of only four ingredients, but creates a fantastic glittery effect!

Simply combine brandy, ruby port, and orange juice in a shaker and shake together. Strain this mixture into a Champagne flute and top with Champagne – or other sparkling wine alternative – for a bubbly and vibrant cocktail to see in the new year.

Find the full recipe and measures here.

The 20th Century Cocktail

This impressive classic from the early 1900s may not be time-relevant, but it’s definitely still one you should add to your drinks menu. If you’re a fan of the gin martini, this will be the cocktail for you – it’s enhanced with Lillet Blanc instead of vermouth and touches on hints of chocolate and citrus.

As with a gin martini, simply combine your favourite gin and Lillet Blanc with crème de cacao and lemon juice, shake together with ice and then pour – it’s that easy!

Get the exact measures here.

The Midori Melon Ball Drop

While not as huge a tradition here as it is in the US, the ball drop in Times Square is the perfect start to the new year. Celebrate with a fantastic, and slightly uncommon, flavour combination of Midori and elderflower for a fun vodka martini!

This simple cocktail only needs four different ingredients so is easy to whip up if you’re looking for a sweet and fruity way to see in the new year! With Midori, citrus vodka, orange juice, and melon balls for a garnish, you can’t go wrong with this recipe.

The Midnight Martini

Do you need something to keep you awake until midnight? To avoid crashing during your New Year’s Eve party, why not whip up this delightfully easy coffee martini – it’s recipe only includes either two or three ingredients, depending on how you feel about flavour combinations.

Simply combine vodka – we would recommend using a vodka with some kind of coffee infusion – and your favourite coffee liqueur and you’re be ready and awake all night! If you’re feeling festive, you can even add a little cinnamon syrup for an extra touch.

The Figgy Sparkler

Not wanting to let go of Christmas yet? Our second Champagne cocktail will help you hold on to those Christmas flavours for just a little bit longer with a delightful combination of cranberries, orange slices and figs.

You’ll need to muddle together the fresh fruits, combine with vodka, and then top it off with some bubbly. If you’re really looking for that figgy flavour, why not infuse some vodka ahead of time with dried figs.

Find the recipe for this soft and sparkling cocktail here.

The Winter Sangria

If you’re looking for a punch that can supply all your guests with minimal effort on your part, look no further than this fantastic winter sangria recipe. You can make it in advance and keep it chilled in the fridge, before bringing it out at party time with a ladle and simply let your guests serve themselves.

This sangria is a wonderful combination of winter fruits – pears, clementines, apples, and pomegranate, are the ones the recipe suggests – all combined with red wine, orange juice, and ginger ale.

The Good Luck Charm

There’s something special about a new year, the time to start afresh and take on those big changes and new year’s resolutions anew. If you’re looking for some good luck for your new year, look no further than this fantastic bourbon cocktail.

This delicious combination of dark whiskey with limoncello is a wonderfully tart and sweet taste that will inspire you with cheer for the new year. Find out how to make it here.


If you’d prefer to not make your own cocktails for your New Year’s Eve party, why not celebrate the coming of the new year with The Brewery and we’ll make them for you! With our well-trained team, we’ll be able to create the perfect flavour combinations to tickle your tastebuds and bring in the New Year with festive cheer! Find out more about what we can offer here.


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