And the winner is… The Brewery!: The ultimate awards ceremony venue checklist

A grand celebration of achievement, talent and success: award ceremonies aren’t just your average event. For the event organiser, that means one thing – they need a special level of planning, too! You’ll want your attendees to feel as though they’re part of something important, even more so if they’re nominees, and that the event acts as a worthy reward for all their efforts and hard work.

So, what do all successful awards ceremonies have in common? The answer; A great venue. The setting of your awards ceremony is important – you’ll need to consider everything from the catering to the lighting, which should all result your ceremony having the ‘wow’ factor. The most suitable venue for your awards ceremony should include everything you need to impress your guests.

To make the process that little bit easier, we’ve compiled a checklist of things you’ll need to consider when looking for a venue for your awards ceremony.

1.      What is the capacity?

Once you have your guest list in place, you’ll need to consider the capacity of the venue, and whether it can accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Some venues, such as The Brewery, are able to offer some additional smaller spaces which can be used as press or VIP areas, which can offer some welcome extra space.

2.      How convenient is the location?

As with most events, the location of your awards ceremony is key to great attendance. Make sure you understand the demographics of your guests and choose a venue that is central and easily accessible by public transport.

3.      Is the catering appropriate for an awards ceremony?

There are two big reasons to make sure you hit the nail on the head with your food at your awards ceremony; although your event is primarily about honouring the winners, your guests will expect the food and drink to pay a big part, too. Award ceremonies are synonymous with great food, so providing anything less than spectacular may result in them being disappointed with the experience.

Secondly, awards ceremonies can be long! Provide plenty of food and drink to keep both engagement and energy high. As well as a venue with impressive catering, consider regular refreshments, as well as a bar – how else are your guests going to raise a celebratory glass for the winners?

4.      Does the format of the space work for an awards ceremony?

Just because a venue is beautiful, it doesn’t mean that it’s functional! The requirements of an awards ceremony are quite specific – the layout will need to accommodate a stage, a podium, and room for a seated dinner.

5.      Are the facilities up to scratch?

For total peace of mind, choose a venue which offers more than just a space. You’ll need to ensure that you have a main point of contact who can assist you with your planning, and most importantly, top-notch audio and visual facilities and support. What is an awards ceremony without great sound and lighting?

6.      Does the venue offer event design?

You’re going to want to create a sense of theatre for your awards, so make sure your chosen venue is able to provide or support creative event production. Whether it’s an awe-inspiring set or some impressive lighting, considering event design in your planning will guarantee a spectacular evening.

7.      Does the venue have the ‘wow’ factor?

To make your ceremony feel like a magnificent affair, you should consider a venue that is out of the ordinary to create a lasting impression. Choosing somewhere a little unusual, or with some historical significance, will provide your guests with a truly unique experience that they are unlikely to forget.


If you’re looking for a venue to host your awards ceremony, The Brewery can offer everything above, and so much more. Located in the spectacular 18th Century Whitbread buildings and easily accessible by public transport, The Brewery comes alive at special events.

The layout couldn’t be more ideal for an awards ceremony – the high ceilings and clear floor space means the views to the stage are completely unobstructed, and in the summer months, the 18th century cobbled courtyard offers an idyllic al fresco dining area.

To find out more about why The Brewery is the perfect setting for your awards ceremony, download our Awards & Dinners brochure, or get in touch with us today.