How to brand your corporate event

Running a corporate event is a big commitment for a business. You want people to leave the event, not only having enjoyed it, but also wanting to know more about your company or having more of an appreciation for it. There are many ways you can do this but we’ve chosen a few of the best ones to make your brand stand out at your event.


Social media has become a huge part of publicising and attending events. People want to check into places on Facebook or use a hashtag for their photos and posts on Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, as the company running the event, providing those prompts are vitally important for getting your brand out there.

For more information about making your event socially engaging, take a look at our blog about making your venue Instagram-worthy.


Logos are an endless source of branding opportunity as they can be added to many different aspects of an event. If food is being served, add the logo to any napkins, tablecloths, or plastic glasses. If not, water bottles and snack bars can also be branded with a logo.

Decorations can be branded too; balloons, bunting and signs are just a few of the options available. However, if the event requires more subtlety, using the colours of the logo as a colour scheme for decorations can also work well. If you’re holding your event at The Brewery, the LED light systems available in some of our rooms will enable you to add a delicate hue of your brand colours to the room itself.

If there are speakers at the event, the stage, lectern, and presentation slides can be tailored to display the logos of the company involved.

Through The Brewery’s in-house partnership with AVC Live, we’re also able to offer high quality audio-visual branding opportunities using the traditional features of our venue and rooms.

Food and drink

There’s nothing stopping the food at a corporate event from being just as customisable as the rest of the venue. Add a company logo to the icing of cupcakes or theme the courses of the meal around locations where the company is based, or the colours of the branding.

If you want to go even further, why not create a cocktail for the event which is personalised to the company or branding scheme? Have it reflect the colour scheme of the logo, or maybe some of the core values of the company itself, such as through the shape of the glass, the tailoring of the ingredients, and of course, the name of the drink.

Goodie bags

Everybody loves to leave an event with something to take home and that’s a perfect opportunity to publicise your brand outside and after the event. The bag itself can be customised and printed to display a logo of your company and the colour of the bag can also be tailored to reflect your brand. A good quality tote bag, not plastic, with a nice, subtle design, will be much more likely to be reused.

Similarly, the contents of the bag could also be customised. Popular choices for goodie bag fillers include boiled sweets with the logo of the company set inside them, company products, and useful items that people would want to keep, such as pens, bottle openers, umbrellas, post-it notes, or even portable chargers.

The key thing with goodie bags is to know your audience and tailor the contents and bag style to appeal to them. Also, it definitely depends on the event itself as to whether a goodie bag would be appropriate.


One subtle way to include branding in an event is through the clothing that staff are given to wear. The staff will be integrated into the event and therefore part of the branding available to publicise the company involved. If their uniform is branded with the company logo, it is a sure-fire way to get the logo noticed, even just at a glance.

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If you’re looking to host a corporate event, The Brewery is perfectly outfitted to accommodate all specifications regarding branding your event. Take a look at our conference overview page to find out more.